Generation Tux Ambassadors

The Generation Tux Ambassador Program is a collection of individuals that come from different backgrounds, but share the same passion for creativity, progression, and style. Innovators in the true sense of the word, their influence is felt throughout their industry and beyond. They expect only the best from themselves, their performance, and their equipment. The Generation Tux Ambassadors embody the spirit of our organization, and the future of our brand.

About Generation Tux

Paul Rodriguez

Paul Rodriguez, also known as P-Rod, is a professional skateboarder recognized for his progressive thinking on and off his skateboard. From groundbreaking tricks, to X Games gold medals, to running some of the most influential brands in youth culture, Paul's drive for excellence is unmatched. Known for effortless style in his skateboarding and influential style in his signature footwear and apparel, Paul's impact is felt well beyond skateboarding.

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Ian Crane

A Southern California Native, Ian grew up at one of the most popular waves in the state. Known for pushing the progression of surfing through aerial maneuvers above the wave, Ian continues to advance the sport and cement his place in professional surfing. A quiet guy that lets his surfing do the talking, he travels the world with a quiver of boards and spends his days surfing some of the most sought after waves on the planet. Style in the water and out, Ian is living the dream, and makes it look easy.

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Atiba Jefferson

Not many people are on a first name basis with the biggest names in professional sports, music, and action sports, but not many people have the talent and personality of Atiba Jefferson. A skateboarder at heart, Atiba took his creative approach to skateboarding and applied it to his photography. He's shot countless magazine covers, and some of the most memorable moments in sports. When he's not behind the camera, he's a personality representing some of the most iconic brands in streetwear and fashion.

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Jack Mitrani

After spending 12 years as a competitive snowboarder, Jack Mitrani took his talent and personality in a different direction by picking up a microphone. Today he is best known as The Global Host of X Games. He also has an eye for style and has been known for creating his own suit jackets to host big contests and special events. Whether he's flying through snow covered mountains, or taking us through another exciting X Games, Jack is always having fun and looking good.

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