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Oct, 10 2019

12 Gift Ideas For Your Bride

12 Gift Ideas For Your Bride

It is traditional to exchange gifts with your fiancé on your wedding day, but it can be difficult to figure out what is appropriate. Do you splurge on something expensive and nice? Or get small gifts to shower her with throughout the day? The choice is yours. Really, there are so many options and we suggest thinking it through carefully and finding something you think she’ll really love and cherish. Here are just a few of some classic gift options:

1. Jewelry

Jewelry is a classic and popular choice for grooms to give their bride on their wedding day. Even better if it’s something she can wear during the ceremony, like a delicate bracelet, necklace or earrings. Another option is to do something a little more casual that she can wear every day, not just on special occasions.

2. Personalized item

Putting your bride’s name or new initials on any type of item could be a thoughtful and useful gift. This could range from any number of things—drinkware, clothing, jewelry, tote bag, etc. Pick something you know she likes or has been wanting or can use regularly. If you’re feeling particularly cheesy, you could also personalize your item with “Wifey” or “Mrs.”

3. Keepsake box

A keepsake or jewelry box is useful for your bride and also a great place to store small special items from your wedding day. You can find something that suits her style or have one engraved with her name, date, message, or quote.

4. Lingerie

This works especially well if your fiance isn’t the type to splurge on lingerie for herself. Either way, though, something from you is all the more special. There’s so much out there to chose one, so go with one you think will you both happy.

5. Secret Message

We definitely suggest writing a letter to your bride no matter what, but secret messages can go a long way. On a handkerchief, on the bottom of her shoe or wherever you want to slip one in will make your bride beam and that gift even more intimate.

6. Leather Wallet or Purse

Another useful, but very nice, gift. One she is sure to appreciate and use over and over. If she’s not the leather type, there are plenty of other brands she’s sure to like.

7. Robe

A silky or lacy robe is a great gift that, depending on the style, she can use on the day of your wedding for getting ready or for after the reception. Plus, it’s an item she can definitely wear again and again.

8. Perfume

Splurging on wedding day perfume is not only a great gift, but it’s also the perfect reminder of your special day. Scent triggers memory, so every time your bride wears the perfume, she’ll think fondly of your wedding and your gift.

9. Scarf

An item of clothing that will bring a smile to your fiance’s face every time she wears it. Pick something light and airy for spring and summer or warm and fuzzy for fall and winter.

10. Photobook

You will, of course, have an album for your wedding photos, but more often than not you don’t have physical copies of other photos from the times leading up to your big day. A photobook or scrapbook is a great way to reminisce over your relationship. Plus, you can add sweet notes and memories throughout.

11. Artwork

There are so many things out there that could be the perfect artwork to give your fiance. This could be something you put together yourself or a painting or an actual piece of art, but there are also things more personal like art with maps of places important to you or the position of the stars on a certain day. This is where you can get creative.

12. Picture frame

Another great way to display a memory. Put a favorite photo of the two of you in a personalized frame and you have something sweet you can use to decorate your home together.

Whatever you decide to go with, make sure you give from the heart. No matter what, she’ll appreciate you for it. And if you get stuck, try seeing if her friends have any suggestions. It never hurts to ask. Whatever you do, though, at least try to surprise her a little bit. Even if she practically picked the gift out herself, there are still ways you can make her smile—like with a sweet note or a special dance.