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12 Gift Ideas For Your Bride

It is tra­di­tion­al to exchange gifts with your fiancé on your wed­ding day, but it can be dif­fi­cult to fig­ure out what is appro­pri­ate. Do you splurge on some­thing expen­sive and nice? Or get small gifts to show­er her with through­out the day? The choice is yours. Real­ly, there are so many options and we sug­gest think­ing it through care­ful­ly and find­ing some­thing you think she’ll real­ly love and cher­ish. Here are just a few of some clas­sic gift options: 

1. Jewelry

Jew­el­ry is a clas­sic and pop­u­lar choice for grooms to give their bride on their wed­ding day. Even bet­ter if it’s some­thing she can wear dur­ing the cer­e­mo­ny, like a del­i­cate bracelet, neck­lace or ear­rings. Anoth­er option is to do some­thing a lit­tle more casu­al that she can wear every day, not just on spe­cial occa­sions.

2. Personalized item

Putting your bride’s name or new ini­tials on any type of item could be a thought­ful and use­ful gift. This could range from any num­ber of things—drinkware, cloth­ing, jew­el­ry, tote bag, etc. Pick some­thing you know she likes or has been want­i­ng or can use reg­u­lar­ly. If you’re feel­ing par­tic­u­lar­ly cheesy, you could also per­son­al­ize your item with “Wifey” or “Mrs.”

3. Keepsake box

A keep­sake or jew­el­ry box is use­ful for your bride and also a great place to store small spe­cial items from your wed­ding day. You can find some­thing that suits her style or have one engraved with her name, date, mes­sage, or quote.

picture of bride gift coffee mug that says wifey

4. Lingerie

This works espe­cial­ly well if your fiance isn’t the type to splurge on lin­gerie for her­self. Either way, though, some­thing from you is all the more spe­cial. There’s so much out there to chose one, so go with one you think will you both hap­py.

5. Secret Message

We def­i­nite­ly sug­gest writ­ing a let­ter to your bride no mat­ter what, but secret mes­sages can go a long way. On a hand­ker­chief, on the bot­tom of her shoe or wher­ev­er you want to slip one in will make your bride beam and that gift even more inti­mate.

6. Leather Wallet or Purse

Anoth­er use­ful, but very nice, gift. One she is sure to appre­ci­ate and use over and over. If she’s not the leather type, there are plen­ty of oth­er brands she’s sure to like.

7. Robe

A silky or lacy robe is a great gift that, depend­ing on the style, she can use on the day of your wed­ding for get­ting ready or for after the recep­tion. Plus, it’s an item she can def­i­nite­ly wear again and again.

8. Perfume

Splurg­ing on wed­ding day per­fume is not only a great gift, but it’s also the per­fect reminder of your spe­cial day. Scent trig­gers mem­o­ry, so every time your bride wears the per­fume, she’ll think fond­ly of your wed­ding and your gift.

picture of bride after wedding opening up wedding gifts and wedding cards

9. Scarf

An item of cloth­ing that will bring a smile to your fiance’s face every time she wears it. Pick some­thing light and airy for spring and sum­mer or warm and fuzzy for fall and win­ter.

10. Photobook

You will, of course, have an album for your wed­ding pho­tos, but more often than not you don’t have phys­i­cal copies of oth­er pho­tos from the times lead­ing up to your big day. A pho­to­book or scrap­book is a great way to rem­i­nisce over your rela­tion­ship. Plus, you can add sweet notes and mem­o­ries through­out. 

11. Artwork

There are so many things out there that could be the per­fect art­work to give your fiance. This could be some­thing you put togeth­er your­self or a paint­ing or an actu­al piece of art, but there are also things more per­son­al like art with maps of places impor­tant to you or the posi­tion of the stars on a cer­tain day. This is where you can get cre­ative.

12. Picture frame

Anoth­er great way to dis­play a mem­o­ry. Put a favorite pho­to of the two of you in a per­son­al­ized frame and you have some­thing sweet you can use to dec­o­rate your home togeth­er.

What­ev­er you decide to go with, make sure you give from the heart. No mat­ter what, she’ll appre­ci­ate you for it. And if you get stuck, try see­ing if her friends have any sug­ges­tions. It nev­er hurts to ask. What­ev­er you do, though, at least try to sur­prise her a lit­tle bit. Even if she prac­ti­cal­ly picked the gift out her­self, there are still ways you can make her smile—like with a sweet note or a spe­cial dance. 

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