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2021 Pantone Colors of The Year


The news is out! Pantone has released their 2021 color of the year and it’s not one, but two colors – Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow. Both colors send a message of unity and progression that is needed in the current world climate and gives hope of brighter times ahead. As Pantone sets the tone in design for the year ahead, what can this mean for weddings for the following year?

The History of Pantone’s Color of The Year

To establish a color (or colors) of the year, the prognosticators at Pantone Institute scour the world for months leading up to the release, looking for new developments in clothing, home decor, cars, etc and translate it into a color that will shape the expression of the upcoming year. 

This is only the second time in Pantone’s 22 year history of choosing a color of the year that two colors were chosen. Each color is meant to stand strong on its own, but also support and complement each other. The union of both colors is to symbolize unity, progression, hope, and gender inclusivity.

Gray suits with yellow accessories

2021 Color of The Year in Weddings

So, what does this all mean for your wedding day plans? Well, it’s your wedding so ultimately it’s up to you. I would keep in mind that while your nuptials should be a timeless event to look back on, capturing the moment in history could be a beautiful commemoration of your union through color. 

Cement gray suit with yellow accessories

If you’d like to incorporate 2021 colors of the year in your celebration, you have plenty of options to do so with Generation Tux. We have several shades of yellow accessories throughout our collection, and multiple choices of eye-catching gray tuxedos and suits. But if you want to stick to the official colors and hues of this year, go with our Cement Gray Notch Lapel Suit or our Gray Sharkskin Notch Lapel Suit paired with our illuminating yellow accessories.

Gray Sharkskin suit with yellow accessories

Not Sure How It’ll Look In Person? Order Free Swatches

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