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3 Things to Splurge on for Your Wedding


Everyone always talks about how to save money on your wedding, but they shy away on the things you should invest in to make sure your and your guests’ experiences are as amazing as they can be.

Here are three things that you can splurge on to put your wedding over the top:

1. Photographer/Videographer

Photographs and videos are the best way to preserve the memory of your wedding day. Your actual memories are likely to get jumbled with how crazy the schedule for the day is. Investing in a photographer/videographer that you admire, trust, and feel comfortable with will lead to beautiful photos that you can cherish for years to come. Not sure if you want a videographer? It’s totally your call, but I have heard from so many people that they either a) loooove their wedding video or b) wish they’d gotten one made.

dog with bride's wedding dress train

2. Food

Other than how beautiful the bride is and how sweet the ceremony was (those are just a given), one of the biggest things your guests will remember is the food. Catering is usually the biggest cost of a wedding, taking up to 30% of the budget (between food, drinks, and desserts), but it is well worth it to make sure your food is amazing. It’s something your guests will mention to you for years to come. I still think about the poppy seed chicken casserole from a friend’s wedding three years ago. No matter how hard I try, I cannot replicate it.

3. DJ

While your guests may or may not remember if your DJ or other musicians were amazing, they will remember if they were terrible. The same wedding that had the great casserole, also had a terrible DJ. He was creepy, played weird music, and totally messed up the bridal party introductions. To avoid a situation like this, take recommendations from others (ask your venue or wedding planner for suggestions; they’re in the biz, after all) and try to see your DJ/band perform live before you book. A great DJ will have everyone dancing and having an all-around fun time.

bride dancing with father at wedding reception

No matter what your budget is, food, photographers, and music are three of the bigger expenses that come along with planning a wedding. They are also three things that will decide one way or another whether your wedding is a blast or a dud. Of course, every element is crazy important, more than you ever actually know, but splurging on these three things will make for great memories for all.

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