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5 Reasons Your Groom Needs to Know about Generation Tux


Okay, before I share what I’m about to share, promise me one thing—You’ll read everything I have to say. Agreed? Good. Here it goes:

I work at Generation Tux. (I suspect you already know about Generation Tux and what it does, but in case you don’t, it’s an online suit and tux rental company.) I’m not a veteran employee by any means, but I have been at Generation Tux long enough to develop trust in the company, and more importantly, feel confident enough to share that affinity with others. If you’re not sure what I mean by that, let me elaborate.

Prior to my time at Generation Tux, I was an event coordinator. (I wish I could tell you how many events I have under my belt, but I’m not even sure at this point. A large portion was wedding-related, though.) I used to meet with couples all of the time to discuss wedding-day plans. Some wanted to do everything several months in advance, while others preferred waiting until closer to the date. Either way, to me, it didn’t really matter what they ended up doing. As long as they were able to make decisions they agreed upon and have a peace of mind about said choices, that’s all that mattered, at least in my professional opinion.

groom in black shawl lapel tuxedo

Even now, I still see it the same way. Any time I have the opportunity to speak with a friend or family member getting married, or anyone else getting married for that matter, I still express the importance of simply making decisions and feeling comfortable about them. I completely understand—getting married is a big deal. When you’re planning your wedding, it’s reasonable to want everything to be perfect. After all, your wedding marks the beginning of your marriage and sets the tone for what’s yet to come. It’s also supposed to be the celebration of your love story.

With that said, it’s imperative to feel good about the vendors you select for your big day. You have to trust that they’re going to take the reins and do everything they’re supposed to do, to make it the day you’ve always envisioned. Aside from meeting your expectations, though, shouldn’t they surpass them? This is why Generation Tux needs to be on your and your groom’s radar.

Personal Experience

Generally speaking, the idea of renting or buying anything online either piques your interest or makes you worry. If you fall into the latter category, let me share this first. A few months ago, my dad needed a suit for a wedding. He wasn’t interested in buying one, so it was the perfect scenario to have him try Generation Tux. Together, we walked through the online process: We picked his suit; answered general questions about sizing; and proceeded with the checkout.

To give you some context, my dad is 63 years young. He’s never purchased or rented anything online, so understandably, he didn’t know how it would shake out. Why did he do it despite his uncertainty? Because he trusts me.

Now, fast forward to around two weeks before the wedding date. My dad’s garments arrived at his doorstep, nonetheless, and guess what? They fit! I think he eventually decided to get a shirt with a larger collar, just to have some extra room, but even getting that squared away, he said, was no issue.

What’s the point in telling you all of this? I’m doing it because I enjoy being helpful. I’m also especially grateful when people take their time to support me with something. Whether I’m a Generation Tux employee or not, or a former event planner, I like to share what I know, person to person, friend to friend. So here it is: renting a suit or tux any other way is something I’ll probably never recommend. To anyone. (And yes, I know, Justin Bieber will probably be disappointed because I said the word ‘never’ here.)

groom in black peak lapel tuxedo

Five Reasons

Before we (as a collective) decide on anything, we usually need to know why something deserves our time and trust, right? Well, I’ve already given you my word, but I’d like to give you the bottom line, too, especially since you will be the one to share this with your fiancé. Below are (my) five reasons why your groom needs to know about Generation Tux.

  • It makes life easier. George Zimmer, founder and CEO of Generation Tux, always says, “Looking good has never been this easy” and he’s right. All it takes is visiting generationtux.com to get started. Your groom can shop and select garments; get sized, invite groomsmen; and check out, all online. It’s convenient and it’s something you can do anytime, anywhere.
  • There’s a wide selection of tux and suit styles and more than 1000 color combinations. Generation Tux also has everything your groom may need, including suits, tuxedosshirtsvests, cummerbundstiesshoes and accessories like cufflinks.
  • Only the highest quality fabrics and materials are used. George Zimmer has been dressing grooms for 40 years, so he knows what it takes to look amazing on the big day. Generation Tux suits are made from the finest Super 130s and Super 140s wool, leather and silk.
  • Your groom will save time and money. Garments are delivered via UPS, so there’s no need to schedule appointments, pickups or anything. In addition, if there are five or more paid rentals in your wedding party, the groom’s suit or tux rental is free.
  • Color swatches are available at no extra charge, and your groom can get two, free Home Try-Ons. It’s all about the right choice and right fit, which is part of the company’s guarantee. Your groom can request up to five color samples and order not one but two, free Home Try-Ons to make sure your wedding day is perfect. Should your groom need any assistance, fit experts are also available seven days a week by chat, email and phone.
bohemian bride and groom in blue suit during processional

If you’re still not convinced about going online, here’s a blog post on 5 things you probably didn’t know about renting from a store.

I can probably come up with countless other reasons as to why your groom needs to know about Generation Tux, but I think you get the picture. Generation Tux is revolutionizing the entire wedding rental experience and you deserve the best My hope is that you and your groom will trust us for your big day.

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