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6 Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Alright, so it’s crunch time and you need to get gifts for your grooms­men. What do you get? Well, tra­di­tion often points to some­thing they can wear on the wed­ding day. How­ev­er, that bow tie or those cuf­flinks may nev­er get worn again. So today we’re shar­ing a few more unique gift ideas for grooms­men.


It doesn’t get much more man­ly than giv­ing your grooms­men a bot­tle of whiskey. How­ev­er, you can up the ante by giv­ing them a bour­bon bar­rel aging kit or home­made gin kit. It’s out of the box (or in this case, out of the bar­rel) and like­ly means you get first dibs at the tast­ing par­ty. If your friends are more of the beer-drink­ing type, then buy them a beer kit, which often includes all of the equip­ment, hops and yeast for mak­ing a batch of beer. By the time you’re back from your hon­ey­moon, it’ll be ready to drink!


This is cer­tain­ly one of the more pop­u­lar grooms­men gifts, but it’s still mem­o­rable, and about as mas­cu­line of a gift as you can find. For some­thing more cre­ative, con­sid­er per­son­al­iz­ing it or giv­ing a flask set, which typ­i­cal­ly comes with a set of four shot glass­es. You and your grooms­men can even break it in on your bach­e­lor week­end, and per­haps even your wed­ding day. For the cock­tail lovers of your group, con­sid­er a cock­tail kit, such as the ones you can even car­ry on a flight.

picture of a blue tie, blue and grey socks, johnnie walker black label, and justin yeti


That is, an expe­ri­ence as in going sky­div­ing or dri­ving exot­ic cars. This accom­plish­es a cou­ple of things. First, it is a real­ly cre­ative gift for your best friends, and sec­ond­ly, it offers one last hoorah before you get hitched. Not to men­tion that a lot of these types of expe­ri­ences are acces­si­ble in pop­u­lar bach­e­lor par­ty des­ti­na­tions, such as Las Vegas, where you have acces­si­bil­i­ty to dri­ving exot­ic cars, sky­div­ing, and fly­ing air­planes. Per­haps just make sure that half of your grooms­men aren’t afraid of heights, how­ev­er, before giv­ing the gift of sky­div­ing.


Sun­glass­es are one of those things that you don’t know you real­ly need them until you don’t have them. And if you’re doing an out­door wed­ding, these will come in handy, plus ensure that all your grooms­men are match­ing. Con­sid­er get­ting them per­son­al­ized or putting them in a spe­cial case to make it even more unique.

picture of groomsmen wearing funny sunglasses


Watch­ing and par­tic­i­pat­ing in sport­ing events often becomes few­er and far­ther between once you’re mar­ried. Giv­ing the gift of sports tick­ets to your grooms­men offers one last big sport­ing event with your best friends. The chal­lenge with this is the coor­di­na­tion of sched­ules. Con­sid­er doing this as part of your bach­e­lor par­ty.


You can also go a more prac­ti­cal route and gift them part or pay-in-full for their tux or suit rental or pur­chase an acces­so­ry they can keep. At Gen­er­a­tion Tux, we make it easy for you to pay for your some, all or none of your grooms­men. You can add to your event out­fit a cool pair of socks, cuf­flinks, tie bar or lapel pins that they can use, not only for your wed­ding day, but also can days to come.

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