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6 Groomsmen Gift Ideas


Alright, so it’s crunch time and you need to get gifts for your groomsmen. What do you get? Well, tradition often points to something they can wear on the wedding day. However, that bow tie or those cufflinks may never get worn again. So today we’re sharing a few more unique gift ideas for groomsmen.


It doesn’t get much more manly than giving your groomsmen a bottle of whiskey. However, you can up the ante by giving them a bourbon barrel aging kit or homemade gin kit. It’s out of the box (or in this case, out of the barrel) and likely means you get first dibs at the tasting party. If your friends are more of the beer-drinking type, then buy them a beer kit, which often includes all of the equipment, hops and yeast for making a batch of beer. By the time you’re back from your honeymoon, it’ll be ready to drink!


This is certainly one of the more popular groomsmen gifts, but it’s still memorable, and about as masculine of a gift as you can find. For something more creative, consider personalizing it or giving a flask set, which typically comes with a set of four shot glasses. You and your groomsmen can even break it in on your bachelor weekend, and perhaps even your wedding day. For the cocktail lovers of your group, consider a cocktail kit, such as the ones you can even carry on a flight.

picture of a blue tie, blue and grey socks, johnnie walker black label, and justin yeti


That is, an experience as in going skydiving or driving exotic cars. This accomplishes a couple of things. First, it is a really creative gift for your best friends, and secondly, it offers one last hoorah before you get hitched. Not to mention that a lot of these types of experiences are accessible in popular bachelor party destinations, such as Las Vegas, where you have accessibility to driving exotic cars, skydiving, and flying airplanes. Perhaps just make sure that half of your groomsmen aren’t afraid of heights, however, before giving the gift of skydiving.


Sunglasses are one of those things that you don’t know you really need them until you don’t have them. And if you’re doing an outdoor wedding, these will come in handy, plus ensure that all your groomsmen are matching. Consider getting them personalized or putting them in a special case to make it even more unique.

picture of groomsmen wearing funny sunglasses


Watching and participating in sporting events often becomes fewer and farther between once you’re married. Giving the gift of sports tickets to your groomsmen offers one last big sporting event with your best friends. The challenge with this is the coordination of schedules. Consider doing this as part of your bachelor party.


You can also go a more practical route and gift them part or pay-in-full for their tux or suit rental or purchase an accessory they can keep. At Generation Tux, we make it easy for you to pay for your some, all or none of your groomsmen. You can add to your event outfit a cool pair of socks, cufflinks, tie bar or lapel pins that they can use, not only for your wedding day, but also can days to come.

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