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7 Tips for Buying Bridal Party Gifts

We can all agree, there’s a lot that goes into plan­ning a wed­ding. Not only that, but there’s a lot that goes into pulling a wed­ding off. While wed­ding ven­dors are with­out a doubt a huge rea­son for the suc­cess of any hitch­ing, it’s unde­ni­able that friends and fam­i­ly also play an extra­or­di­nary part.

They’re the ones who pro­vide one last look-over before walk­ing down the aisle, check­ing for any out of place hairs or leafy-green veg­eta­bles nes­tled per­fect­ly in between your teeth. They’re the ones who some­how man­age to find a fan at the venue because you’re sweat­ing to death from both heat and wed­ding-day jit­ters. They’re also the ones who throw the elab­o­rate wed­ding show­ers, and bach­e­lor and bach­e­lorette par­ties, and will­ing­ly agree to wear what­ev­er you select for them as their wed­ding day attire. Bot­tom line: The folks in your wed­ding par­ty are a big deal and deserve some­thing spe­cial for their assis­tance and pres­ence for your wed­ding fes­tiv­i­ties.

bridesmaid gift box

Before you ran­dom­ly start buy­ing wed­ding par­ty gifts, here are sev­en tips to help you in the gift-buy­ing and giv­ing process:

  1. Deter­mine your bud­get. Gift prices vary, so fig­ure out what you’re will­ing to spend, or what you can afford per per­son. You also will want to decide if this includes both grooms­men and brides­maids or only grooms­men. Accord­ing to sev­er­al online wed­ding forums, you should spend any­where from $50 to $150 on a gift per per­son.

  2. Decide on iden­ti­cal or unique gifts. Sure, get­ting every­one the same gift is eas­i­er than buy­ing indi­vid­ual ones, but that may not be your style or their style. Take inven­to­ry of everyone’s pref­er­ences and make the call. If bud­get is a con­cern, you also will want to take that into con­sid­er­a­tion. More often than not, it’s pos­si­ble to get a price break on the same items when you buy them in bulk.

  3. Make a list of gift ideas. The options for wed­ding par­ty gifts are end­less. If you’re not sure where to even begin, here are some time­less ideas and a few trendi­er ones for grooms­men:
    • Bot­tle of booze
    • Cuf­flinks
    • Decanter set with low­ball glass­es
    • Flask
    • Mon­ey-clip
    • Shav­ing set
    • Tie bar
    • Toi­letry bag

bride and bridesmaids in robes drinking champagne

If you’d rather not give a phys­i­cal gift, there’s always the gift of expe­ri­ence. Tick­ets to a sport­ing event, con­cert or oth­er event make a won­der­ful present, but they def­i­nite­ly require addi­tion­al plan­ning and coor­di­na­tion. If you’re not up for doing this, avoid the has­sle alto­geth­er and go with a phys­i­cal object.

  1. Pick your pri­or­i­ties. Every­one is unique. What may be the first con­cern for some­one else, may not make the slight­est dif­fer­ence to you. With that said, think about what’s impor­tant to you when it comes to select­ing your bridal par­ty gifts. Maybe it’s cost sav­ings, or maybe it’s find­ing the per­fect, cus­tomiz­able gift. Once you’ve set­tled on what these are, use these pri­or­i­ties as your shop­ping guide­lines before mak­ing a pur­chase. For exam­ple, if time mat­ters the most (since you’re like­ly busy with oth­er aspects of wed­ding plan­ning), rule out in-per­son shop­ping and buy online.

  2. Pur­chase your gifts. Do this soon­er, rather than lat­er. You don’t want it to slip your mind dur­ing all the wed­ding plan­ning hoopla.

  3. Select a time to give your gifts. Before mak­ing a split deci­sion about this, you will want to think about a cou­ple of things. If you’re giv­ing the bridal par­ty some­thing they’re sup­posed to wear for the wed­ding, it’s prob­a­bly in your best inter­est to wait until the big day and give it to them pri­or to the cer­e­mo­ny. Yes, of course, you can give it to them at the rehearsal din­ner; how­ev­er, there’s always the risk of some­one los­ing the gift or leav­ing it behind some­where. If you’re giv­ing your wed­ding par­ty any­thing else, though, feel free to hand it out at the rehearsal din­ner, or anoth­er spe­cial occa­sion like a wed­ding par­ty lun­cheon.

  4. Say thank you. No gift is com­plete with­out a thank you note of some sort—don’t for­get that. Yes, get­ting and giv­ing a gift is impor­tant, but so are words. Your friends are con­tribut­ing their time and mon­ey to hon­or and show sup­port both you and your fiance. In your notes, be gen­uine and tell the wed­ding par­ty how much you appre­ci­ate them. You also will want to add some per­son­al touch­es about what they did and what it meant to you and your fiance. If writ­ing is not one of your strengths, no wor­ries. You only need to pull togeth­er a few sen­tences. If you find your­self in need of some writ­ing tips, do an online search for some exam­ples.
groomsmen gift boxes

As Hen­ry David Thore­au said, “Friends…they cher­ish one another’s hopes. They are kind to one another’s dreams.” Think of this while you’re shop­ping for your friends. They’re stand­ing beside you dur­ing a mem­o­rable time in your life. Your gifts and thank you cards should reflect your utmost grat­i­tude.

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