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Alternative Ideas for a Unique Honeymoon


The staple beach honeymoon is out and alternative honeymoons are in! We’re fans of the beach vacation as much as anyone, but the world is really our oyster. And as such, there are so many other great options for honeymoons. You can take a beach vacation almost anytime, but there are unique honeymoon ideas that go beyond the everyday.


Contrary to traditional wedding patterns, you don’t have to take a honeymoon immediately following your wedding. Perhaps you want to wait until you have more time off from work or travel during the off-peak season when you can save some money and travel for longer. Whatever the case may be, consider a mini-moon (not a “staycation”), which may just be a long weekend or a shortened version of a honeymoon to one of your favorite destinations or somewhere new in your region. Then do a longer, more planned out honeymoon months later or for your one-year anniversary when you don’t have the stress of your wedding.


What better excuse for taking some additional time to travel than getting hitched. You could create a round-the-world itinerary with as little time as a couple of weeks, visiting numerous places in Western Europe or Latin America, for example, or something that’s several weeks (or months) and literally takes you around the world. It’ll require a lot of time, flexibility, and the budget to execute it, but an RTW honeymoon allows for a trip you’ll really remember. It lets you and your partner see some of those destinations that are at the top of both of your lists, but that you don’t have to wait to see until you’re retired.

bride wrapped in blanket and groom in blue suit on lake beach


If you want a trip in which you can both give and receive, then this is for you. What makes this type of trip great (besides giving back), is that you can use an organization like GoAbroad to find volunteer programs abroad that take out all of the stress of planning. Conversely, you may consider combining a volunteer trip abroad with a little R&R at a hotel in that destination.


“Extreme” as in summiting a high-elevation peak, for example, and not “extreme” as in eating foreign foods. Honeymoons for many people calls for some well-deserved relaxation. However, for others, it’s a chance to do once-in-a-lifetime adventures, such as hiking the Inca Trail in Peru to Machu Picchu, or climbing atop the 19,000-foot Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa, which a couple of my friends recently did.

THEMED Vacation

By themed, I mean a honeymoon that combines your interests. For food lovers, perhaps a tour around Tuscany, Italy, or for winos, a self-guided trip through Argentina wine country. For the sports couple, perhaps something like planning a trip around the World Series, Olympics, World Cup or Super Bowl. Or, for something more hands-on, a honeymoon itinerary with tee times at some of Great Britain’s best golf courses.


You can give back to the world without giving up your entire honeymoon to volunteer. Some of the most beautiful destinations in the world are also home to some of the most environmental-friendly resorts. Such places include Chobe Game Lodge in Botswana’s Chobe National Park, which is one of the most eco-friendly resorts in Africa, and just so happened to be where Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton married (the second time that is). Other destinations include one of the greenest countries in the world, Costa Rica, where at Lapa Rios Eco Lodge, guests can take part in planting trees.


This is less about drama and more about experiencing one of the world’s best events as a couple. A honeymoon is a great excuse to splurge on that festival or international event you’ve always talked about, such as the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, Glastonbury, Carnival or Belgium’s Tomorrowland. Bonus points for these festivals occurring in places that are great honeymoon destinations in their own right.

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