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Meet Our Generation Tux Ambassadors


At Generation Tux, we’re not just focused on looking good, but doing so in style. And what better way to do that, than by teaming up with individuals who drive progression in their fields and do so in their own way. Our brand ambassadors come from different backgrounds and industries, but all share a unique, unwavering passion for excellence. 

Without further ado, we are proud to introduce: Professional skateboarder and entrepreneur Paul Rodriguez, Photographer Attiba Jefferson, and Pro Surfer Ian Crane. Each have their unique story behind the magic that brought them to Generation Tux. Get to know more about them below. 


Paul Rodriguez, also known as P-Rod, is a professional skateboarder and entrepreneur.

He has always been drawn to excellence no matter what industry. Having created his own unique skateboarding brand, Paul knows the importance of style. No matter what day it is, looking your best makes you feel your best to conquer the day. And what better way to look your best than with Generation Tux? 


As a southern California native, Ian Crane has spent most of his life in boardshorts or a wetsuit. So what do we have in common? When he’s not taking on some of the biggest waves in the world, Ian loves looking his best and dressing up whenever he can. He’s a firm believer that when you look good, you perform even better.


When it comes to greatness, photographer Atiba Jefferson knows exactly what it looks like. Having shot some of the most iconic athletes and stars in pop culture, including the late Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Tony Hawk, and many, many others, Atiba understands the importance of capturing the perfect moment with creativity and grace. Find out what style means to Atiba, and how he channels it through his photography.

Breaking Barriers – The Generation Tux Way

When our founder George Zimmer created Generation Tux, he set out to push the boundaries of men’s formalwear rental with a 100% online fit, sizing, and rental platform. Creating a convenient and innovative way to rent while never compromising style or fit is what we do best. And at Generation Tux, we’re firm believers that you have to be the best at what you do, and our 2021 ambassadors embody just that. 


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