Best Budget Boozes For Your Groomsmen Cheers

It’s tradition… You have to cheers with your groomsmen.
But that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank.

Here are some accessible value liquors in the major categories:


  • Under $30:
    • Buffalo Trace
      • From one of the oldest distilleries in the nation, and from the same bourbon tree as legendary Pappy Van Winkle, this is a classic bourbon with a classic flavor that you cannot go wrong with.
  • Under $20:
    • Old Forester
      • A perfectly well-rounded budget bourbon. Shoot it, make an Old Fashioned, mix it with coke, it won’t disappoint. Old Forester has been in production since 1870 for a reason.
  • Bonus tip:
    • Just mixing? Old Fitzgerald is a good option for a bourbon and coke, or when you run out of the nice stuff at 2am.


  • Under $30:
    • Hendrick’s
      • After you’re done with your shot, mix up some Gimlet’s with this stuff. The cucumber hints in the gin play well with the lime in a gimlet.
  • Under $20:
    • Bombay Dry London Dry Gin
      • It’s not gonna knock your socks off flavor wise but it’s a classic juniper taste that will get the job done.


  • Under $30:
    • Espolon
      • The reposado is aged 6 years, which is a good age for the price. Great packaging too.
  • Under $20:
    • El Jimador
      • One of the cheapest 100% pure agave Tequilas. Tequilas that are not 100% pure agave will have some cheap grain liquor mixed in. The extra $5 is 100% worth it. Your body will thank you the next day.
  • Bonus tip:
    • I think the reposado (usually aged 3-6 months) tequilas are easier to shoot.


  • I’m not going to advise you to get a bottle of Scotch under $30. But you can get a pretty decent Scotch for a tad over, around $35 if that is what you are in to. Go with Glenmorangie, it’s a classic.

Rum & Vodka

  • Save these for mixing on the beach during your honeymoon with your new wife or husband.