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On your big day, you want your clos­est friends and fam­i­ly by your side. Life is not as gen­dered as it once was, so why should you exclude your male friends from stand­ing beside you on your big day?

Tra­di­tions are great, but the mod­ern bride tends to have some besties that are not going to want to rock a dress. In 2020 there’s no rea­son to exclude your male or gen­der-non­con­form­ing friends from your wed­ding par­ty just because they don’t feel com­fort­able wear­ing a dress. There are lots of out­fit alter­na­tives to choose from that will look beau­ti­ful up there next to the brides­maids’ gowns that the rest of your par­ty will be wear­ing. 

Does he attend the same activ­i­ties as the women? These are all valid ques­tions. The truth is that all of this is com­plete­ly up to you and your friend. It depends on their pref­er­ences and the rela­tion­ship that they have with you, your part­ner, and the oth­er mem­bers of  your wed­ding par­ty. While we can’t total­ly help you with activ­i­ty plan­ning, we do have some answers when it comes to pick­ing a killer bridesman’s out­fit.

Male Bridesmaid

Picking an Outfit for a Male Bridesmaid

When it comes to brides­man out­fits, there are a lot of options, so it’s good to have an idea of where you’re head­ing, aes­thet­ic-wise. Chat with your part­ner and wed­ding plan­ner about the look you’ve already estab­lished so that you can make sure your male brides­maid out­fit mesh­es with the over­all theme and feel of the day. We find that it’s best to start with you and your part­ner’s looks, and then to plan your respec­tive par­ties’ looks around those. Here are some options for a male brides­maid look that will tru­ly wow your wed­ding guests:

You have a few choic­es here:

  • A Cus­tom-Made Suit

Let’s say you’ve land­ed on a gor­geous laven­der dress for your brides­maids. While this col­or is typ­i­cal for women’s for­mal­wear, it can be more chal­leng­ing to find a ready-to-wear suit in this shade. In these sit­u­a­tions, you could opt for a cus­tom suit jack­et and pants. Cus­tom suits can get expen­sive, so to avoid hav­ing to go down this route, it’s help­ful to choose brides­maid dress col­ors that are com­mon­ly seen in menswear, like navy or indi­go blue. If you go with a more com­mon col­or, your brides­man can use an online rental service…Generation Tux is our top pick. 

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  • A Per­fect­ly Acces­sorized Look

If you’ve decid­ed to have your brides­man wear a col­or out­side of the brides­maid palette, we rec­om­mend using acces­sories to tie the party’s look togeth­er. If your brides­maids are in pink and your male brides­maid is in white, try adding pink socks, a pink pock­et square, and pink sus­penders to his look. These tiny details go a long way and help cre­ate cohe­sion with­in your bridal par­ty.

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  • Grooms­men Suit, Brides­maid Details

If your wed­ding includes a team of grooms­men, they’ve like­ly planned their out­fits around the dress­es that you’ve cho­sen for your brides­maids. This can be help­ful for you and your brides­man. You can have your brides­man wear the same out­fit that the grooms­men are rock­ing, and then per­son­al­ize it by adding some “bridal par­ty details.” For exam­ple, if all of your girls are wear­ing flower crowns, he can rock one too. Or, if the brides­maids have gold shoes, he can choose shoes in the same col­or. These details will show that he’s with the bride with­out cre­at­ing a dis­trac­tion by hav­ing him stick out in the crowd.

  • A Curat­ed Team Look

Anoth­er idea? Ditch the dress­es alto­geth­er and have your bridal par­ty dressed to impress in a fleet of beau­ti­ful­ly tai­lored suits or tuxe­dos. Suits look ele­gant on every­body, regard­less of their gen­der, and you’ll look absolute­ly icon­ic stand­ing next to them in your wed­ding dress.  

Accessories for Your Male Bridesmaid

When it comes to choos­ing acces­sories for a brides­maid suit or tux, you have end­less options. Here are a few of our favorite ways to acces­sorize a suit to match the women of your wed­ding:

If your brides­maids are wear­ing pat­terned dress­es, a match­ing shirt on your suit-wear­ing par­ty mem­ber will look fan­tas­tic. Just be sure to go with a sol­id tie or avoid pat­tern over­load! You can also choose a sol­id shirt that coor­di­nates with the brides­maid dress­es, whether they have pat­terns or not. 

Pock­et squares are a clas­sic way to give menswear an extra pop of per­son­al­i­ty. Pock­et Squares are also use­ful in tying two out­fits togeth­er. For exam­ple, if your girls are all rock­ing mint gowns, their male coun­ter­parts can tuck a per­fect­ly coor­di­nat­ed mint pock­et square into their jack­et to match. 

When it comes to match­ing, a tie is your not-so-secret weapon. Whether you go with some­thing striped or sol­id, skin­ny, long, or even a clas­sic bow tie, it’s pos­si­ble to match a tie to any dress, pair of shoes, or col­or theme. 

When it comes to for­mal­wear, shoes can speak vol­umes. Footwear is a great way to cre­ate cohe­sion with­in your bridal par­ty looks. For exam­ple, if your brides­maids are wear­ing pur­ple sling­backs, their male coun­ter­parts could wear pur­ple socks to tie it all togeth­er. 

If you’re hav­ing your brides­maids wear a spe­cial piece of jew­el­ry, give your male brides­maid cuf­flinks that match those spe­cial pieces. If your brides­maids are get­ting pearl bracelets, get your male brides­maid a pair of pearl cuf­flinks. This fin­ish­ing touch will ensure that all of your bridal par­ty mem­bers feel spe­cial and includ­ed and walk away with a memen­to to remem­ber their spe­cial role on your spe­cial day.

Sus­penders are like the belt’s fan­cy old­er cousin. Sus­penders always ele­vate a look, and like a tie, they can be used to cre­ate col­or cohe­sion between your male brides­maid and the rest of your wed­ding brew. Brides­maids all wear­ing yel­low? Give your male brides­maid a pair of yel­low sus­penders to instant­ly tie them into the col­or theme. 

How to Choose Complementary Colors

If you’re unsure of how to coor­di­nate your wed­ding col­ors, it’s okay. Here are a few sug­ges­tions to help get you start­ed.

Match­ing your wed­ding par­ty to your over­all wed­ding col­or scheme is pret­ty important…and this is where swatch­es come into play. No two navy blues were made alike. Dif­fer­ent fab­rics look very dif­fer­ent in the light of day than in the dark of night, and that’s why at Gen­er­a­tion Tux, we send you col­or swatch­es (for free!) so that you can plan your out­fits with con­fi­dence. No more order­ing a black suit and then freak­ing out when it looks like roy­al blue in the 12pm sun. Swatch­es are also ide­al because they let you get up-close-and-per­son­al with our fab­rics, ensur­ing that you select a suit that is going to make you feel as good as you look.

Of course, col­or coor­di­na­tion doesn’t nec­es­sar­i­ly mean rely­ing on just one par­tic­u­lar hue. Plen­ty of wed­dings fea­ture a range of col­ors in their final palate. If your brides­maids are in egg­plant pur­ple dress­es, your male brides­maid still has some flex­i­bil­i­ty. He can wear pur­ple acces­sories, choos­ing from the whole pur­ple fam­i­ly and not just the egg­plant clan. Maybe your brides­man will choose to wear a plum tie or lilac socks. The choice ulti­mate­ly depends on his per­son­al tastes, style, and the suit he will be wear­ing. 

Your Big Day, Your Way

No mat­ter what out­fit you and your male brides­maid choose, what’s impor­tant is that every­body feels com­fort­able and hap­py. Lis­ten to each other’s needs and wants, speak up when you have a ques­tion or idea, and always reach out to experts when you need help plan­ning your spe­cial day.

At Gen­er­a­tion Tux, we’re the experts you need, and we’re here to make your wed­ding day for­mal­wear rentals easy, con­ve­nient, and stress-free. Hop over to our site, where you can read up on the lat­est wed­ding trends and then use those ideas to cre­ate your own one-of-a-kind menswear look. We deliv­er all of our for­mal wear rentals right to your door 14 days before your big day— plus, grooms also get the added ben­e­fit of a free Home Try-On pro­gram. This perk gives our grooms 48-hours to test dri­ve their look before com­mit­ting to the suit or tuxe­do, well in advance of their actu­al for­mal­wear arriv­ing. Are you shop­ping for your whole wed­ding crew? After sev­en paid rentals, the groom gets to keep his suit or tuxe­do rental for­ev­er. With over 20 meri­no wool suits and tuxe­dos and hun­dreds of acces­sories to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the per­fect ensem­ble. 

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