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Choosing The Perfect Wedding Venue

Choos­ing a venue…where do I begin?!

For most, the first step is nar­row­ing down the loca­tion: the town or city in which the wed­ding will take place. Tra­di­tion­al­ly, the wed­ding takes place in the bride’s home­town or where the major­i­ty of the bride’s fam­i­ly lives. But we all know that wed­dings are any­thing but tra­di­tion­al these days!

If the groom has a larg­er fam­i­ly than the bride, it may be best to accom­mo­date them. If you are sen­ti­men­tal and desire to get mar­ried in the town/city that you and your fiance met, then go for it! This is your day. There is no right or wrong loca­tion. How­ev­er, do keep in mind that peo­ple who live out of town may not be able to attend if required to dri­ve a long dis­tance or pur­chase a plane tick­et. If cer­tain guests are a pri­or­i­ty, you will want to accom­mo­date them the best you can.

barn wedding reception decor

For our wed­ding, my home state of Penn­syl­va­nia was the best option since the major­i­ty of our fam­i­ly and friends are with­in dri­ving dis­tance. As the first daugh­ter to get mar­ried in my fam­i­ly, no oth­er loca­tion would have felt quite right.

A quick Inter­net search of “wed­ding venues in cen­tral Penn­syl­va­nia,” and we were set. There are so many help­ful online resources these days. Reviews and pho­tos from real wed­dings are incred­i­bly help­ful in nar­row­ing down which venues you decide to look at in per­son. Venue tours can be rather time con­sum­ing. So, do research first and only tour your favorites.

Grant and I did a good amount of research before tour­ing any venues. We only looked at two in per­son. Of course, the day we embarked on our tour­ing adven­ture, there was about a foot of snow on the ground… mak­ing it a bit dif­fi­cult to envi­sion our spring wed­ding day. How­ev­er, the sec­ond venue end­ed up being the one, so we stopped there. It was love at first sight!

Wed­ding style def­i­nite­ly comes into play when choos­ing your venue. There are count­less types of venues out there: church­es, barns, ball­rooms, winer­ies, muse­ums, coun­try clubs, gardens…I could go on. Think about which type of venue would best fit with your desired style and over­all vision. Hav­ing trou­ble deter­min­ing your style? Choose a venue that you love first, and go from there!

garden wedding ceremony decor

You may already have a pref­er­ence between an indoor and out­door wed­ding. If not, I have some ques­tions to help you decide. How many guests are you expect­ing? In what sea­son are you get­ting mar­ried? Will you become eas­i­ly stressed by unpre­dictable weath­er?

To be hon­est, I always dreamed of hav­ing an out­door wed­ding cer­e­mo­ny. I pic­tured the per­fect spring day—warm and sun­ny with a slight breeze. But the real­i­ty is…I am not God. I can­not con­trol the weath­er! While tour­ing venues, we kept an open mind to both indoor and out­door cer­e­mo­ny loca­tions.

As I said, we fell in love with our venue imme­di­ate­ly — despite the lack of out­door options. Both the cer­e­mo­ny and recep­tion will take place indoors, and I have com­plete peace of mind! With about two months until our wed­ding day, I can hon­est­ly say that I haven’t wor­ried once about the weath­er.

I briefly described our venue in my “Deter­min­ing Your Wed­ding Style” blog. Grant and I will be get­ting mar­ried in an 1884 cig­ar ware­house that was ren­o­vat­ed into a wed­ding venue. Check them out here! The moment we stepped foot inside, I knew that it was the per­fect loca­tion. I could pic­ture it—all of our loved ones under this very roof, cel­e­brat­ing our love and com­mit­ment to each oth­er. I couldn’t stop smil­ing dur­ing the entire tour. The venue is rus­tic, but ele­gant at the same time. It brought my vision to life

rustic wedding reception decor

Often times, choos­ing your venue goes hand in hand with set­ting your wed­ding date. Venues are some­times booked years in advance. Keep this in mind if your favorite venue is a pop­u­lar one. Don’t dil­ly-dal­ly. Secure your date and venue!

Jenna’s Journey

Jen­na not only works in Mar­ket­ing at Gen­er­a­tion Tux, but she is also a bride-to-be! Jen­na has worked on the bride’s side of the aisle in bou­tiques locat­ed in Vir­ginia; Charleston, SC; and Louisville, KY. She has since trad­ed in the fix­ing of veils for the straight­en­ing of bow ties. Fol­low along as she con­tin­ues to pre­pare for her big day.   

There are so many small details that go into cre­at­ing your dream wed­ding, but that does­n’t mean you should have to stress. Gen­er­a­tion Tux lets you sam­ple your cloth­ing before the big day, in the com­fort of your liv­ing room. See what we have to offer to make your union extra­or­di­nary.

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