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Choosing The Perfect Wedding Venue


Choosing a venue…where do I begin?!

For most, the first step is narrowing down the location: the town or city in which the wedding will take place. Traditionally, the wedding takes place in the bride’s hometown or where the majority of the bride’s family lives. But we all know that weddings are anything but traditional these days!

If the groom has a larger family than the bride, it may be best to accommodate them. If you are sentimental and desire to get married in the town/city that you and your fiance met, then go for it! This is your day. There is no right or wrong location. However, do keep in mind that people who live out of town may not be able to attend if required to drive a long distance or purchase a plane ticket. If certain guests are a priority, you will want to accommodate them the best you can.

barn wedding reception decor

For our wedding, my home state of Pennsylvania was the best option since the majority of our family and friends are within driving distance. As the first daughter to get married in my family, no other location would have felt quite right.

A quick Internet search of “wedding venues in central Pennsylvania,” and we were set. There are so many helpful online resources these days. Reviews and photos from real weddings are incredibly helpful in narrowing down which venues you decide to look at in person. Venue tours can be rather time consuming. So, do research first and only tour your favorites.

Grant and I did a good amount of research before touring any venues. We only looked at two in person. Of course, the day we embarked on our touring adventure, there was about a foot of snow on the ground… making it a bit difficult to envision our spring wedding day. However, the second venue ended up being the one, so we stopped there. It was love at first sight!

Wedding style definitely comes into play when choosing your venue. There are countless types of venues out there: churches, barns, ballrooms, wineries, museums, country clubs, gardens…I could go on. Think about which type of venue would best fit with your desired style and overall vision. Having trouble determining your style? Choose a venue that you love first, and go from there!

garden wedding ceremony decor

You may already have a preference between an indoor and outdoor wedding. If not, I have some questions to help you decide. How many guests are you expecting? In what season are you getting married? Will you become easily stressed by unpredictable weather?

To be honest, I always dreamed of having an outdoor wedding ceremony. I pictured the perfect spring day—warm and sunny with a slight breeze. But the reality is…I am not God. I cannot control the weather! While touring venues, we kept an open mind to both indoor and outdoor ceremony locations.

As I said, we fell in love with our venue immediately – despite the lack of outdoor options. Both the ceremony and reception will take place indoors, and I have complete peace of mind! With about two months until our wedding day, I can honestly say that I haven’t worried once about the weather.

I briefly described our venue in my “Determining Your Wedding Style” blog. Grant and I will be getting married in an 1884 cigar warehouse that was renovated into a wedding venue. Check them out here! The moment we stepped foot inside, I knew that it was the perfect location. I could picture it—all of our loved ones under this very roof, celebrating our love and commitment to each other. I couldn’t stop smiling during the entire tour. The venue is rustic, but elegant at the same time. It brought my vision to life

rustic wedding reception decor

Often times, choosing your venue goes hand in hand with setting your wedding date. Venues are sometimes booked years in advance. Keep this in mind if your favorite venue is a popular one. Don’t dilly-dally. Secure your date and venue!

Jenna’s Journey

Jenna not only works in Marketing at Generation Tux, but she is also a bride-to-be! Jenna has worked on the bride’s side of the aisle in boutiques located in Virginia; Charleston, SC; and Louisville, KY. She has since traded in the fixing of veils for the straightening of bow ties. Follow along as she continues to prepare for her big day.   

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