Color Schemes and Accessories for a Blue-Suit Wedding

While many still opt for a classic black suit on their wedding day, blue-suit weddings are continually rising in popularity. Whether the groom simply prefers the more contemporary appeal or is attempting to unify the overall color scheme of the big day, choosing complementary color schemes and accessories proves to be a challenge for many of these trendsetters. If you are donning a blue suit on your wedding day, consider these helpful tips for selecting harmonious accessories:


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Ties and Pocket Squares

Before selecting a tie or pocket square for your blue suit, give some thought to which season your wedding will take place in. Bright and vibrant colors, like red, are typically more fashionable during the summer, while lighter pastels, including pink, are better for spring affairs. For fall weddings, a subtle maroon color elicits a sense of unity, while muted colors such as grey, ivory or blush are more in line with the winter season.


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A groom simply cannot go wrong when pairing their blue suit with a classic white shirt. If you are aiming for a bolder look, however, try a light blue, or pastel pink. If you’re going for a bolder look, opt for a shirt adorned with a floral pattern.


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Belts and Shoes

Black belts and shoes may be traditional, but when paired with a blue suit, they can look too harsh, especially if your wedding is a daytime event or if the venue is a more relaxed environment. Instead, brown belts and shoes are a more subtle and complementary choice.


As blue-suit weddings become a more widely embraced trend, the amount of options when it comes to shades of blue and textures also increases. From navy to pastel and every shade in between, be sure to take the specific blue hue and texture of your suit into consideration when shopping for accessories, along with the season of your wedding and the venue. By considering these factors, you can simplify the shopping process and ensure that you look both polished and fashion-savvy on your wedding day.

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