Cummerbund Or Vest?

Cummerbunds vs. Vests. There’s a difference with the reasons you might want to wear them and we have a few points worth pondering when it comes to these formal accouterments and what kind of style you want to show up in.

The history of the cummerbund goes back to British India all those centuries ago. The British were used to wearing suit jackets to dinner, but things were a little too hot for that. Adapting a little Indian formality, the men decided to tie a sash around their waist. It happened to be that this sash ended up ‘catching crumbs’ and thus the name, cummerbund.

It also happens to have a slimming effect. Because of where it’s worn it’s also the ideal accessory to show off stud sets and bow ties. Cummerbunds are also great with providing contrast color to show some pop. We think cummerbunds are great for proms, formal events and milestone celebrations.

With a vest, a.k.a. waistcoat, you take a more well-worn route, and you have a few options. A vest keeps its formality whether you have your jacket on, or off. So at a wedding for example, you can wear your outfit with the jacket on and when it comes time to hit the dance floor, take the jacket off and you still look buttoned up with the vest on. You also have an option to wear either a long tie or bow tie with a vest.

We recommend you only wear a cummerbund with tuxedos.  A vest can be worn with either a suit or tuxedo. In terms of trends, we think it’s more about preference. Either style can be pulled off, it just depends on the type of impression you’re looking to make.