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Don’t Forget These 9 Items for Your Wedding Ceremony

There is a lot going on in the months lead­ing up to your wed­ding and a lot to take care of. It is too easy to for­get a detail or two. Here are the top nine items that get for­got­ten about before the cer­e­mo­ny.

1. Programs

You might think it’s impos­si­ble to for­get the cer­e­mo­ny pro­grams, but you would be sur­prised how often this gets swept under the rug. If any­thing, they get thought about too late. So if you’re hav­ing a pro­gram, be sure to order them as soon as your cer­e­mo­ny music and oth­er details are final­ized. At least a few weeks before the cer­e­mo­ny.

2. Guest Book

Unless you’ve already thought out every aspect of your guest book and guest book table and guest book atten­dant, then there’s a chance it doesn’t cross your mind until the last minute. The guest book is a tra­di­tion used to, well, remem­ber all your guests. While not absolute­ly nec­es­sary, it is quite a nice memen­to. You can get as cre­ative as you want with it, but you should choose some­thing and get it put togeth­er well before the day of. Don’t for­get pens and mark­ers, too!

3. Aisle Runner

If you’re hav­ing one. Some­thing like this can eas­i­ly be for­got­ten, as it’s not an obvi­ous detail. It real­ly depends on the space though. Be sure to look care­ful­ly at your cer­e­mo­ny venue and take note of every sin­gle dec­o­ra­tion detail you want there.

wedding ceremony aisle decorations signs and flowers

4. Signage

Espe­cial­ly if you have an abun­dance of signs, it can be easy to for­get one or two. Or for­get to make them/have them made. Make a phys­i­cal list of every­thing you want a sign for and make sure to keep that with you went get­ting the signs and set­ting up the day of. For the cer­e­mo­ny specif­i­cal­ly, you may need signs for point­ing guests in the right direc­tion, the gift table, guest book, remem­brance for lost loved ones, etc.

5. Religious Materials

Cer­tain reli­gions and tra­di­tions come with spe­cif­ic cus­toms that require extra mate­ri­als. Like a broom, if you’re jump­ing the broom, or the rope/ribbon, if you’re lit­er­al­ly tying the knot. Look over your officiant’s sched­ule for the cer­e­mo­ny to make sure you have every­thing that requires a phys­i­cal object cov­ered.

6. Unity Candle

Or what­ev­er you’re choos­ing to do for your uni­ty cer­e­mo­ny. And all nec­es­sary parts. Like the can­dle, can­dle holder/votive, and match­es. Or if you’re seal­ing a box, you’ll need the box, whatever’s going in the box, ham­mer and nails. Anoth­er thing you’ll want to check off when going through the officiant’s sched­ule.

7. Something to Toss

This some­thing you might not have con­sid­ered. If you’re hav­ing a big send off after your recep­tion, you may not want to both­er with this, but it’s always a nice touch to have rice, con­fet­ti, etc. thrown at you as you speed down the aisle after being pro­nounced hus­band and wife.

bride and groom in navy suit during wedding ceremony

8. Weather Appropriate Items

If you’re hav­ing an out­door wed­ding it may be a good idea to have some items in store in case of weath­er. These things can also dou­ble as wed­ding favors. Blan­kets for a win­ter wed­ding, fans for sum­mer, umbrel­las in case of rain.

9. Heel protectors

Grassy cer­e­mo­ny loca­tions and brides­maids don’t mix. If you’re going to be hav­ing an out­door wed­ding in an area where the ground cov­er may not be great for high heels, you should pro­vide heel pro­tec­tors for at least your wed­ding par­ty. If you want, throw some extras in a box and let your heeled guests use them too.

Con­clu­sion. Check­lists are a life­saver.

While you’re run­ning around mak­ing sure you’ve thought of every­thing, here’s the eas­i­est way to check the groom’s suit or tuxe­do off your list. Every­thing’s done online and with free swatch­es and a free Home Try-On, you can rest assured you’re get­ting exact­ly what you want. Plus, with deliv­ery 14 days before your event, you can’t for­get a thing.

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