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Don’t Forget These 9 Items for Your Wedding Ceremony


There is a lot going on in the months leading up to your wedding and a lot to take care of. It is too easy to forget a detail or two. Here are the top nine items that get forgotten about before the ceremony.

1. Programs

You might think it’s impossible to forget the ceremony programs, but you would be surprised how often this gets swept under the rug. If anything, they get thought about too late. So if you’re having a program, be sure to order them as soon as your ceremony music and other details are finalized. At least a few weeks before the ceremony.

2. Guest Book

Unless you’ve already thought out every aspect of your guest book and guest book table and guest book attendant, then there’s a chance it doesn’t cross your mind until the last minute. The guest book is a tradition used to, well, remember all your guests. While not absolutely necessary, it is quite a nice memento. You can get as creative as you want with it, but you should choose something and get it put together well before the day of. Don’t forget pens and markers, too!

3. Aisle Runner

If you’re having one. Something like this can easily be forgotten, as it’s not an obvious detail. It really depends on the space though. Be sure to look carefully at your ceremony venue and take note of every single decoration detail you want there.

wedding ceremony aisle decorations signs and flowers

4. Signage

Especially if you have an abundance of signs, it can be easy to forget one or two. Or forget to make them/have them made. Make a physical list of everything you want a sign for and make sure to keep that with you went getting the signs and setting up the day of. For the ceremony specifically, you may need signs for pointing guests in the right direction, the gift table, guest book, remembrance for lost loved ones, etc.

5. Religious Materials

Certain religions and traditions come with specific customs that require extra materials. Like a broom, if you’re jumping the broom, or the rope/ribbon, if you’re literally tying the knot. Look over your officiant’s schedule for the ceremony to make sure you have everything that requires a physical object covered.

6. Unity Candle

Or whatever you’re choosing to do for your unity ceremony. And all necessary parts. Like the candle, candle holder/votive, and matches. Or if you’re sealing a box, you’ll need the box, whatever’s going in the box, hammer and nails. Another thing you’ll want to check off when going through the officiant’s schedule.

7. Something to Toss

This something you might not have considered. If you’re having a big send off after your reception, you may not want to bother with this, but it’s always a nice touch to have rice, confetti, etc. thrown at you as you speed down the aisle after being pronounced husband and wife.

bride and groom in navy suit during wedding ceremony

8. Weather Appropriate Items

If you’re having an outdoor wedding it may be a good idea to have some items in store in case of weather. These things can also double as wedding favors. Blankets for a winter wedding, fans for summer, umbrellas in case of rain.

9. Heel protectors

Grassy ceremony locations and bridesmaids don’t mix. If you’re going to be having an outdoor wedding in an area where the ground cover may not be great for high heels, you should provide heel protectors for at least your wedding party. If you want, throw some extras in a box and let your heeled guests use them too.

Conclusion. Checklists are a lifesaver.

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