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Jan, 6 2021

Planning The Perfect Proposal

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You've found the one, and now you're ready to ask the most important question of your life: Will you marry me? Of course, you want this to be memorable for the right reasons. And that means you've got to do some planning ahead of time. From selecting the engagement ring to figuring out what to wear, we've come up with a guide to help you put together the perfect marriage proposal.

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Wedding Ring Shopping

The first step in proposal planning is buying an engagement ring. It is a big investment, so the first thing you should do before starting the search is set a realistic budget. The guidance that you should prepare to spend two months of your salary is outdated and unrealistic. The truth is you and your future spouse will have a lot to plan for once you get engaged. This includes paying for the wedding, saving up for the honeymoon, and even deciding to buy a house. Don't start your marriage in debt because you went overboard on the perfect ring.

Another essential thing to keep in mind is your partner's style. You may have discovered what kind of ring they want. If you haven't asked yet, check with one of their trusted friends or family members for guidance. They likely have some great ideas on the stone shape, metal type, etc. Also, don't forget to get the correct ring size.

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Planning The Big Moment

The next item in your proposal planner should be to pick the where and when to ask the big question. A marriage proposal is a once-in-a-lifetime event. You both will remember it for the rest of your lives, so it goes without saying that you want your proposal special. Think about the things you like to do as a couple. Are you both nature lovers, or would you both be happier indoors? Do you love to travel, or are you more comfortable in the comfort of your own home?

And don't forget to consider your partner's personality. Not everyone wants a public proposal and would prefer it to be a more intimate moment.

Couple standing In the snow in front of large sing that spells out LOVE

Marriage Proposal Ideas To Consider

Marriage proposals run the gamut these days. If you're feeling the pressure to find the perfect way to ask the question, you are not alone. Creating a unique proposal can be tricky. But coming up with an original proposal idea will make your partner feel like it was truly designed for them. Some of the best proposal ideas come from another idea then tailoring it to fit you and your partner. If you need some inspiration, here are a few creative marriage proposal ideas to get those juices flowing:

Set up a scavenger hunt. Send your loved one to different locations that have played a part in your relationship. Where you met, your first date, your first kiss, etc., are a few places to consider. Then, they will find you ready to pop the question at the end.

Redo your first date. Your first date is where your journey together began, so why not recreate that special moment for your marriage proposal?

Plan a photoshoot. Hire a professional photographer to take photos for your anniversary, one of your birthdays, or for the holidays. Then when you get down on one knee, the photographer will be able to capture the surprise proposal!

Go on a getaway. Surprise your love with a last-minute trip to one of your favorite places.

Stay in a hotel. If going away for an entire weekend isn't possible, rent a hotel room for the night and ask the staff or a friend who can keep a secret to decorate the room.

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Dress The Part

Once you've chosen the ring, along with where and when it will happen, it's time to figure out what you're going to wear to your proposal. Some things to keep in mind:

Location. Whether you're poping the question outdoors or inside will play a big factor in what you wear. But keep in mind that an outside marriage proposal, such as a picnic in the park, doesn't mean you can't look amazing. Go with a lighter-colored suit instead of a darker one for a more formal look. Consider something like a Gray Sharkskin Suit or British Tan Suit.

Activity. If you're opting for an adventurous proposal, such as rock climbing or sky diving, then you obviously don't want to get too dressed up. But you can always change into more formal attire for a celebratory dinner later on.

Comfort. No matter how you decide to propose, you want to feel comfortable doing it. Be sure to dress for the elements and make sure that the ensemble you choose fits you. If you're wearing a suit, Generation Tux offers a Free Home Try-on so you can feel and look your best before asking the big question.

Decorated christmas tree

Dos And Don'ts For Holiday Proposals

The holiday season is a great time to propose. After all, it's such a festive time; why not add to the happiness? But you should take these factors into consideration:

Do consider your partner's wishes. If you don't think they will like being proposed to in front of your families, then be sure to pop the question in private. You can always celebrate with your loved ones later on.

Please don't propose outside. It might be tempting to get down on one knee in a winter wonderland, but you don't want to risk dropping the ring in the snow. The cold air might make it harder to hold onto it and slip it on your partner's finger.

Do take advantage of holiday décor. Find a place that is all decked out for the holidays-it makes the perfect backdrop for your proposal.

Don't overtake the holiday. Of course, your friends and family will be happy and excited for you. But that doesn't mean that everyone's holiday needs to be about you and your future spouse.

Do be respectful of traditions. You don't want your proposal to infringe on any traditions important to your partner's family. With that in mind, you might want to talk to a family member during the planning process-just make sure they don't ruin the surprise!

In addition to the holidays, you may also want to avoid your partner's birthday or your anniversary. They already have their special moments.

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