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Fall 2018 Suit Trends for Grooms

Crisp cool air. Hal­loween. Pump­kin spice lattes. Wed­dings.

Fall, the wed­ding sea­son to rule all wed­ding sea­sons is upon us.

But what are you going to wear? Unless you’ve opt­ed a flan­nel in heed these tips fall fash­ion tips. Here are our top three suit & tuxe­do trends for grooms and grooms­men with upcom­ing fall wed­dings.


We aren’t just talk­ing about acces­sories here. We are talk­ing suits as well. Nobody wants to be too bright in the fall, but a taste­ful­ly mut­ed blue suit still has all of the flare with none of the dis­trac­tion. Blue suit wed­dings will real­ly pop against the dark red and dark orange ambiance of fall if the wed­ding or a pho­to­shoot hap­pens to be out­side while the leaves are chang­ing col­or.

Use a navy, cham­pagne or lighter blue tie/pocket square com­bo for a real­ly stun­ning look that is sub­tle but looks inten­tion­al and stun­ning.




Want a sense of delib­er­ate non­cha­lance? Want to look like you know exact­ly what you’re doing with­out being too risky (it is your wed­ding day after all—we don’t want to be avant-garde by any means? Then wear­ing a vest that is a dif­fer­ent col­or than your suit is the per­fect option.

Let’s say you have a nice blue wed­ding suit, drop a gray vest under it to mix things up and add a sub­tle unique­ness to your look. Or maybe your wed­ding suit is gray. Add some tex­ture by putting a gray plaid vest under it. Or if you have a nice tweed vest that would look great under a gray or a blue wed­ding suit.


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Unlike the first two trends here, flo­ral prints are bold, and the per­fect com­ple­ment to near­ly any gray or blue suit. They speak for themselves—a pop of col­or and pat­tern against a sol­id back­drop. They bounce in and out of fash­ion, but they are def­i­nite­ly in fash­ion right now and show that you are max­ing out your

Don’t think that this look is too out there, by any means. Flo­rals, just like any pat­tern and col­or, can be over the top or under­stat­ed. If you’re wor­ried about hav­ing too much col­or, there are plen­ty of flo­ral pat­terns out there that have a sub­tle look to them with a sol­id back­ground and del­i­cate white (or oth­er col­ors) flow­ers.

Alter­na­tive­ly, if a flo­ral tie just isn’t enough for you, we have seen flow­ers come out in oth­er ways, too. Like a flo­ral vest, shirt or jack­et. Now, you have to be care­ful with this kind of look. If it’s already your style, then by all means, go for it. We’re sure you’ll look amaz­ing. But if it’s not, then you may want to ease into the flower look and start with a tie.


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