Fall Suit Trends for Grooms and Groomsmen


Crisp cool air.
Pumpkin spice lattes.

Fall, the wedding season to rule all wedding seasons is upon us.

So what are you going to wear? Unless you’re wearing a flannel to get married in heed these tips: Here are our top 3 suit & tuxedo trends for grooms and groomsmen with upcoming fall weddings.

Trend 1: Muted Blues

We aren’t just talking about accessories here. We are talking suits as well. Nobody wants to be too bright in the fall, but a tastefully muted blue suit still has all of the flare with none of the distraction. Blue suit weddings will really pop against the dark red and dark orange ambiance of fall if the wedding or a photo shoot happens to be outside while the leaves are changing color.

Use a navy, champagne, steel blue, or desert blue tie/pocket square combo for a really stunning look that is subtle but looks intentional and stunning.

Trend 1 Lookbook:


Trend 2: Don’t match the vest

Want a sense of deliberate nonchalance? Want to look like you know exactly what you’re doing without being too risky (it is your wedding day after all – we don’t want to be avant-garde by any means). Then wearing a vest that is a different color than your suit is the perfect option.

Let’s say you have a nice blue wedding suit: drop a gray vest under it to mix things up and add a subtle uniqueness to your look.

Or maybe your wedding suit is gray. Add some texture by putting a gray plaid vest under it.

Or if you have a nice tweed vest that would look great under a gray or a blue wedding suit.

Trend 2 Lookbook:

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Trend 3: Florals

Unlike the first two trends here, floral prints are bold, and the perfect compliment to nearly any gray or blue suit. They speak for themselves – a pop of color and pattern against a solid backdrop. They bounce in and out of fashion, but they are definitely in fashion right now and show that you have style.

Trend 3 Lookbook:

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