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Guide to Getting The Perfect Wedding Pictures


From the best wedding picture poses to a list of which wedding pictures to get, our photo guide has you covered.

Your wedding will be one of the most emotional nights of your life. With all of their intensity (and champagne), weddings tend to become a bit of a blur. Many newlyweds are shocked at how quickly their wedding went by— some don’t even get the chance to sit down and eat. With so much happening so quickly, it can be hard to remember the small, personal details that make your wedding day or night so special. This is where wedding photos come in. 

Your wedding photos will likely be the main way that you’ll remember your wedding. Of course, you’ll have memories of the special day, but photographs are physical evidence of all the hard work you and your partner put into this event. Years from now, you’ll be able to use your photos to remember the most important details and happiest parts of your wedding. To help you make the most of your photos, we’ve created this simple guide. 


Timing & Planning 

  • When Should We Hire Our Photographer?

As soon as possible! Talented wedding photographers are usually very busy and book up quickly. If your big day falls during peak wedding season (fall, spring), it’s even more important to get a photographer locked down quickly. 

Obviously, you only want the best for your wedding, so we recommend that you start looking into photographers once you get engaged and then book as you set your wedding date. 

  • How Long Does it Take to Get Wedding Pictures Back?

The time it takes to receive your final wedding photos will depend on your photographer, however, most couples receive edited versions of their pictures roughly six weeks after their Big Day.

  • What Pictures Should Be Taken at a Wedding?

Ah, the big question. Surely you’ve seen hundreds of incredible wedding photos. Don’t fool yourself into thinking these images happened organically— good wedding photos require lots of planning and coordination, especially if you want to feature your suit or tuxedo. In order to get the best shots, it’s a good idea to create a wedding picture checklist for your photographer. 

This checklist will include the shots that you find most important. With this information, your photographer can make sure that these images take priority during your big day so that you don’t have to think about it. 

Having trouble deciding what shots you want to prioritize? No problem, we are here to help. Check out this list of our favorite wedding images.

Fixing Suit Wedding Close Up Photo

Our Wedding Picture Checklist

– Photos of Couple Getting Ready

Getting ready is a big part of your wedding, and it’s where you and your closest friends and family get to bond before the big walk down the aisle. Some great memories to capture from your pre-wedding activities are photos of your best man adjusting your tie and shots of your fiancé and her friends getting her into her dress.

– Individual Portraits of Couple

This is likely a given. You certainly want to make sure you have plenty of photos featuring just the bride and groom. 

– Attire Photo Shots

Individual shots of wedding day attire on their hangers make for a lovely— and popular— photo choice.

Wedding Detail Close Up Shot

– Heading To The Ceremony

If you’re taking special transportation to your ceremony sites, like a limo or vintage car,  it’s a good idea to get some snaps of it. 

– Walking Down The Aisle

Father Daughter Walking Down Isle Wedding

– Photos Of The Flowers & Bouquets

Wedding Flower Bouquet

– The Couple’s First Reaction

As you see each other for the first time in your wedding best, you’ll likely smile or cry. A good photographer will capture these emotions perfectly. 

Wedding Couple First Reaction

– Reaction Shots

These are wonderful keepsakes— things like your parents reacting to seeing you in your wedding day tux make for wonderful photos. 

Wedding Reaction Shot

– Ceremony

Things like the exchanging of the rings, your first kiss, and a wide shot of your guests are all typical ceremony shots.

– Newlyweds Together

Your first photos of a married couple! Lots of pairs like to have photos of their exit from the ceremony.

– Family and Party Photos

During cocktail hour, you’ll take pictures with your wedding parties and close family. 

– Reception Decor

Personal touches, like handmade centerpieces or your guestbook, are good ideas here.

– Toasts, Food, Drink, and the Cutting of the Cake

We recommend asking for photos of both the toastmasters and your reactions to their speeches. 

– Newlyweds Greeting Guests

Ask your photographer to get shots of you as you hug beloved guests. You can even point out certain people in advance, so they know when to click the button.

– Guests Enjoying Themselves

Action shots of your friends and family enjoying your reception are sure to bring you joy for years to come. 

– Any Traditions

If you’re dancing the horah, throwing a bouquet, tossing a garter belt, or performing a special tradition, you’ll likely want to preserve those memories. 

– Your “Getaway Car”/Tossing of the Rice/Saying Goodbye

Wedding Photo

– First Dance and Parents Dances

In order to make your wedding pictures absolutely perfect, you need a great look. With Generation Tux, getting a great look is easy. Browse through our collection of 21 Merino wool suits and tuxedos and add to your look with hundreds of accessory and color options. 

Better yet, at Generation Tux we even help with groomsmen management, send complementary color swatches so that you can match your look with your wedding decorations and theme, and provide a free 48-hour Home Try-On session so that you can see what it all looks like IRL far ahead of your big day. With online fittings and award-winning customer service, why would you ever rent somewhere else? 

Best of all, we’ll send your wedding day suit or tuxedo right to your doorstep, free of cost, 14 days before you actually say “I do.” Once all is said and done, you simply put your suit back in the box it arrived in, and we’ll pick it up. That is unless seven of your party members rent with us— then you can keep it forever. 

Whatever look you choose, we’d love to see what you come up with, and how it photographed. Please, send us your favorite snaps after your wedding pics come back, and we’ll post them in our gallery. We can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with. 

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