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How Do We Make It Fit?

After you sign up and create an account at Generation Tux, one of the next steps is to complete your online fit profile. This section consists of questions about your height, weight, pant/jean size and more. The best part is that it doesn’t require any of your measurements because it’s all based on the information you already know.

So how do we make it fit? The answer lies in our sophisticated algorithm. Once you plug in your profile information, the algorithm predicts your sizes within a matter of seconds. Impressive, right? We think so, too.

Keep in mind that while the fit algorithm is  accurate, there’s still a slight chance that size predictions can be off due to your fit preference. This is why we send everything 14 days in advance. If this happens to be the case when you’re reviewing the sizes our system suggests, feel free to contact our Customer Experience team by phone at 1-844-726-4889 or by email at You can also chat with a Customer Experience Specialist through our website, too. Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 11.24.36 AM

Have more questions about fit? See our FAQ here.


Side Note

While we don’t ask for precise measurements during the fit profile process, you’re still welcome to provide those by reaching out to our Customer Experience Team. The only time we require precise measurements are with children’s orders since kids can sometimes be tricky to fit. Otherwise, we hope you enjoy the convenience of the fit algorithm.

Extra Side Note

For future reference, if you receive garments in your order that don’t work — We still have you covered. We suggest contacting our Customer Experience Team within the first 48 hours to avoid any possible rush shipping charges. Our team is available seven days a week and are knowledgeable on all aspects of fit and logistics for your event.

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