How To Find A Great Wedding Band

Finding the right music for your wedding can make or break the reception. We’ve all been to parties where they won’t stop playing pop music from 2004 and the dance floor clears out faster than your bank account in Vegas. Don’t be that couple. Find the right band.

Here’s how to find the band of your dreams…

1. Make sure their musical style aligns with yours

Sit down with your partner and determine what kind of vibe you want for your reception. Motown dance party? Hard rock concert? Elegant jazz brunch?

Will there be dancing? How many people will be there, and do you want to find music that pleases a range of generations? If you clarify your wants and needs before you start looking, it will be that much easier to narrow down your options and make the right decision.

2. See them play (if possible)

Most wedding bands will invite you to attend one of their public gigs or private rehearsals before you book. Don’t pass up this opportunity to see them play live if you can. Not every YouTube video is created equal and bands can feel quite different in person than online. This also makes for a great date night!

3. Read reviews

This probably goes without saying, but read reviews. The best wedding bands should have many happy customers singing their praises on popular review sites – if they don’t, you may have something to worry about.

4. Ask questions; ask lots of questions

Do you have a specific song that you want them to play? Most bands will learn something new for your wedding, but find out if that is possible and if it will cost more. Do you have certain religious or cultural songs you need played? How many breaks will they take? Do they play during the ceremony too? Do they need a stage, microphones, or speakers?

5. Hire professionals
It may be tempting to hire your little cousin who plays guitar to play the wedding, but think twice about hiring an amateur for this special occasion. Professional bands know how to deal with amplification, noise restrictions, that drunk uncle trying to grab the mike, and more. Consider having your family member or friend perform one special song, but leave the majority of the night up to the pros. Your guests will thank you.