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How to get fitted for your Suit or Tuxedo online with Generation Tux!


After you build your look and create an account at Generation Tux, one of the next steps is to complete your online fit profile. It’s fast, and easy. Simply answer a few questions about your height, weight, pant/jean size and more. The best part is that it doesn’t require any of your measurements because it’s all based on the information you already know.

So how do we make it fit? The answer lies in our proprietary fit algorithm. Once you enter your information, the fit algorithm uses similar size information from hundreds of thousands of customers we’ve worked with in the past to get your fit. We take human error out of getting fitted for a suit or tuxedo. If you go to a store, one employee may measure slightly differently than another employee. With our fit algorithm, there’s no need to worry about that. You can also avoid the stress of going to a store after work or on the weekend to get fitted, generationtux.com is open 24 hours a day. Get fitted from the comfort of home, and without the awkward measuring process with a stranger.

Keep in mind that while the fit algorithm is accurate based on the information you provide, there’s a small chance that your personal fit preference may be slightly different. That’s why we send everything to everyone in your wedding party up to 14 days before your event date. If anything doesn’t fit to your preference, feel free to contact our Customer Experience Team at 1-844-726-4889 or help@generationtux.com. There’s no need to take something off the rack to try on your suit or tuxedo. All of our garments are thoroughly cleaned and individually packaged before being shipped to each customer. And as an added benefit for the wedding couple, we offer a Free Home Try-On so you can experience the suit or tuxedo you designed at home to help with your wedding planning. Have more questions about fit? See our FAQ page.

Groom trying on suit from free Home Try-On

Measurements and Kids Suits and Tuxedos

While we don’t ask for precise measurements during the fit profile process, you’re still welcome to provide those by reaching out to our Customer Experience Team. If you have kids in your wedding party, measurements are requested. Children’s sizes can be unique, and measurements help us fit kids more accurately. 

Get Started

Now that you know how easy it is to get your fit online, build your look and get started!


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