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Your Home Try-On Has Arrived, What’s Next…

Whether you’re a groom doing your free Home Try-On, or you’re in the wed­ding par­ty and you just got your suit or tuxe­do for the wed­ding, make sure you try every­thing on. If any­thing needs adjust­ing, we want to send you replace­ments as quick­ly as pos­si­ble to make sure you have the cor­rect fit.

Once your gar­ments arrive, we rec­om­mend try­ing them on imme­di­ate­ly and con­tact­ing our Cus­tomer Expe­ri­ence Team with­in the first 48 hours any adjust­ment ensure there’s plen­ty of time to get your new­ly-fit­ted replace­ment gar­ments to you with plen­ty of time before your event. Should you con­tact us out­side of that time range, we can still accom­mo­date you. Keep in mind that when we’re ver­i­fy­ing and assess­ing the fit of your gar­ments, we may request to see pho­tos.

Here are some easy instruc­tions to make sure you get the most out of your Home Try-On

Home Try on

Take Photos

For any­thing relat­ed to your jack­et or shirt sleeve length, we will want to see a pho­to of you wear­ing the gar­ments with your arms hang­ing nat­u­ral­ly at your side. Remem­ber to but­ton your jack­et, tuck your shirt in from both the front and back. Once you ensure your shirt is tucked in tight­ly (but still com­fort­able), firm­ly pull your shirt and jack­et sleeves to ensure nei­ther are bunched.

It’s also impor­tant to but­ton your shirt all the way up, includ­ing the col­lar. A com­mon mis­take we often see is not using the right but­ton on the shirt sleeve cuffs. If your sleeves are too short, use the first but­ton. If the sleeves are too long, use the sec­ond but­ton.

As for jack­ets, please note that the prop­er sleeve length will expose any­where from a half-inch to an inch of your shirt sleeve.

suit home try on

When it comes to pants, it’s most help­ful to send full-length pho­tos show­ing the front and back. In addi­tion, make sure to wear your pants so that they’re sit­ting at an inch below your bel­ly but­ton (this is the prop­er place to wear your pants). You will also want to make sure to tuck your shirt both in the front and back for this pho­to as well.

male suit home try on

As a gen­er­al rule, keep your shoes on for all pho­tos and remem­ber to send both wide shots of the entire out­fit, as well as details shots of ques­tions or con­cerns. Fol­low­ing these steps will guar­an­tee a bet­ter fit assess­ment so you have the per­fect fit. Look­ing good has nev­er been this easy.





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