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How to Mix and Match Your Wedding


Your wedding is a time for celebration. It should reflect the joy you and your partner feel as you begin a new life together. To create the perfect day, take some time to think about the look and feel of its key elements. Your wedding style begins with the look of your wedding party and ends with the theme of your reception.

Of course, you also don’t want to end up with a cookie-cutter wedding either. We know it’s a lot to think about, but with these tips, you can have the fun, sentimental wedding of your dreams and memories that will spark happiness in years to come.

Theme and Mood

Your wedding day is a personal affair. The theme of the day should reflect your personalities and desires. It should display what you want to remember about this time of your life. That’s why settling on a theme is so important.

You have a number of different options. You can have an outdoor wedding that recalls a garden party or takes place on a mountaintop. An indoor venue can have the ornate trappings of tradition, like a house of worship or a modern edgy feel, like an art gallery.

Whatever you decide, the individual elements create the theme. Your color scheme, location and decor all come together to set the mood for the day. In order to create that right feel, have a look at color swatches. Visit venues and envision the ceremony. Once you have this framework, move on to putting together the essential elements.

Venue for wedding in the evening.

Bridesmaids Dresses

The women who stand beside the bride may have diverse body shapes, heights, coloring and style preferences. Co-ordination in some respect is essential, but does not have to come at the expense of comfort.

Pick one element from the bride’s gown to carry through the bridesmaids’ dresses. This may be lace, beading, or a special piece of embroidery. You can give the women a choice of dresses, so they can pick the right cut (open or closed back), length, and even color. You can have the top or bottom consistent between women and have them choose the top that fits them.

Alternatively, you can narrow down the dresses into a small portfolio and ask them to choose the one they like best. Try as much as possible to make people feel part of the event, without forcing them too far out of their comfort zone.

Keep in mind, too, that traditional matchy-matchy dresses are not a necessity in the modern wedding. Many brides are choosing to instead go the palette route and have their maids in different shades of the same color. Or, by far the boldest option, to have a mix of colors.

It’s whatever you want for your wedding and what you want the tone of your wedding to be. What we mean by that is, if your theme is a little more bohemian alternative dress options work really well for that, but a more formal affair is generally traditional with dress options.

Bride and bridesmaids in alternative mix and match dresses.

Groomsmen Suits

The groomsmen also want to reflect the style of the groom. He may choose to wear a suit, tuxedo or distinct personal attire for the day. He wants to stand out from other members of the wedding party as the groom, but not clash entirely.

Co-ordination is important here, as well. The groomsmen should have a consistent look, matching each other while also showing a connection to the man at the center of the ceremony. Try for matching shoes and suits.

As for specific elements, consider giving the groom a slightly more upscale look than the rest of the party. That might include a vest when groomsmen have none, a cumberbund of a different shade, or nice cufflinks. Experiment with color combinations and different tie styles.

Don’t feel restricted by color, though. It is not unusual to see a groom in a black tux, but groomsmen gray or one of several other combinations. This is a great excuse to get swatches and try out different ideas. See our gallery for more groomsmen inspiration.

Groom and groomsmen in Mystic Blue Peak Lapel Suits.

Floral Arrangements

Flowers and weddings go together like milk and honey, but there’s no need to get hung up on a traditional centerpiece. Work with your designer to create an overall color scheme and incorporate flowers that are right for that aesthetic.

Of course, weddings are also a time for meaning and sentiment. If you have a personal connection to certain flowers, give them a place. If your partner brought you lilies on a special date or at your engagement party, it may be the perfect flower for the head table.

You can use greenery to enhance your floral arrangements, whether you have large blooms or more subtle, small flowers as table accents. A flower on its own might be stunning, but may look empty without further natural elements to create the feel and look.

Flowers are a great way to incorporate different aspects of your color palette. Choosing traditional white and blush buds is a thing of the past (but still absolutely gorgeous, if that’s your aesthetic). Consider including bright colors for a stunning and fun look that adds a little modern flair to your look.

Bride with fantastic floral bouquet.

Table Settings

Color scheme is also essential when you design table settings. Your reception tables will reflect an overall theme, whether that’s rustic, minimalist, traditional or something out-of-the-box. Your base colors could be blue and white, copper and other metallic themes or springtime pastels.

There are several pieces to your table settings. There’s the tablecloth, if your theme calls for it, perhaps a table runner for the main wedding party, silverware, glasses, plates and bowls. Try to assign a role for each piece; in other words, don’t include three different types of spoons if your occasion doesn’t really call for it.

The table aesthetic should continue from the overall theme of the wedding. If the bride wore an earthy, non-traditional wedding dress, so should the reception hall have a similar earthy theme. If it’s upscale and traditional, that should carry through.

Table setting option for wedding.

Finding Your Perfect Style on Your Wedding Day

After all that hands-on work creating a beautiful wedding, you may want to take some time for you. Relax at home — but still get some of those errands out of the way. Generation Tux lets you sample your clothing before the big day, in the comfort of your living room. See what we have on offer to make your union extraordinary.

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