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The Best Ways to Style a Gray Suit


Choosing the right suit to rent is step one. Once you’ve selected the right color and fit, it’s time to pick out the styling elements that will create the perfect ensemble for any occasion. Luckily, gray suits are on-trend right now, giving a fresh and modern take whatever the occasion may be. Need some style tips? Here are a few guidelines to follow that will give your gray suit that wow factor.


When Can I Wear a Gray Suit?

Wedding party with men in Gray Sharkskin Suits. Dark blue dresses and accessories - @urbanrowphotography

The great thing about gray is that you can wear it all year long, for practically any special occasion. It’s incredibly versatile yet will help you stand out from the sea of black and blue suits that you’ll typically see at weddings, proms, and other events. But there are certain rules on wearing gray suits you should follow when it comes to picking out what kind of gray you choose.

When to Wear Dark Gray

Darker gray suits—think Charcoal or Iron Gray—work best for more formal events. They will also look better for evening parties.

When to Wear Lighter Gray

Lighter shades of gray, including Cement Gray and Light Gray Plaid, can easily be worn and styled to fit a daytime wedding or a more casual affair.

Best Accessories for a Grey Suit

Groom in Iron Gray suit with purple accessories - @jessicamannsphotography

Since gray is essentially neutral, the sky is really the limit when it comes to pairing colors with your wedding suit or tuxedo. You can stick with the basics since gray partners beautifully with both brown and black accessories—or be bold with some color. Gray looks great with various shades of purples, yellows, pinks, and blues.

Spring Color Combinations

For a spring affair, opt for a buttery yellow, pale pink or baby blue, while summer calls for coral, lilac or lavender.

Fall Color Combinations

Celebrate the fall with the colors of the season like orange, violet, or emerald green. And for winter, you can’t go wrong with jewel tones, such as a deep purple, rich red, or royal blue.

How to Accessorize

Groom with white dress shirt and Iron Gray Suit vest with pink bow tie - @emilyvandeheyphotography

Your Shirt

When it comes to choosing a shirt, you can’t go wrong with a crisp white dress shirt. But if you want something with color, use your suit as a guide. A Light Gray Plaid will contrast well with a darker shirt such as red or deep purple, while a Charcoal Gray Suit should be paired with a shirt in a lighter hue, such as lilac or baby blue.

Your Tie

While a bow tie never goes out of style, a slimmer tie will give your ensemble a more modern feel. If you’re donning a white dress shirt, why not choose a tie in color or playful pattern?

Your Shoes

Since gray is neutral, you can play it safe with either black or brown, but most often we see couples choose a brown shoe when wearing a gray suit. Many guys are also stepping out wearing bright white sneakers with their gray suits, or you can even choose a pair of kicks in a brighter color, for a more casual vibe.

Groomsman, in Allure Light Gray Suit, with Bridesmaid in dark green accessories.

Your Pocket Square

Typically, you would match your pocket square to your tie, but it’s ok to change it up and mix-match for a different look. Make a subtle change to the color, go a shade lighter, or add a pattern.

Your Vest

If you’re going to a formal event, a vest can bring your look to another level. Go for color or opt for a textured or patterned gray vest to add some depth to your suit. Just be sure you don’t wear a tie bar and a vest at the same time!

Your Special Touches

When it comes to your cufflinks, tie bar, and even your watch: silver and white gold pair best with a gray suit.



  • Photos by Christa Rene Photography – @christa_rene
  • Photos by Emily Vandehey Photography – @emilyvandeheyphotography
  • Photos by Jessica Manns Photography – @jessicamannsphotography
  • Photos by Urban Row Photography – @urbanrowphotography

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