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How To Take A Perfect Wedding Picture


You look damned good! Your hair is just right, your beard is trimmed (or you just went to the barber for your first—and certainly not last—professional shave). You got your coif on. But when it comes time to take a picture, you end up looking like a half-witted marmot on the way to a funeral.

Remember Chandler’s engagement photos from Friends? Don’t be a Chandler. Here are top tips from Pixil Studio’s Bryan Grant, a professional wedding photographer that’s shot over 300 weddings.


Men come second—if at all—when it comes to the wedding pick. If she looks good, you’ll look good. Make her feel beautiful, sexy, gorgeous on the day of the shoot. The general “you look amazing” sometimes isn’t enough – after all, she’s gonna hear that like 20 times in the next two hours. Think specifics, ask questions, be interested. “Wow, your hair looks great. Who did it? You should wear it like that more often.” “I love the way your shoulders look in that dress.” Think Austin Powers without the randiness. Her smile will make all the difference. A little sugar boost before the shoot–especially natural sugars like fruit or champagne and strawberries will lend a healthy glow to her skin.


You are actually taller and skinnier in the morning. So if you are an early bird, consider a shoot sometime in the AM. Some guys are a little puffy-faced in the morning–a cool compress can get the bags out from your eyes. Throughout the day, your body gets heavier (and puffier) from salt intake. Limit the salt for afternoon sessions and get your body moving with a brisk walk–don’t run, you don’t want to sweat through your killer threads.


Make love to the camera. But do your best to relax and be yourself. The classic posture puts one foot forward with your shoulders turned slightly. Avoiding having your shoulders and hips square to the camera–unless you want to look like a Sunday morning linebacker. Instead, turn them up to 45 degrees, and look right into the camera. The camera should always be slightly higher than you or even to avoid the dreaded double-chin (known in the biz as the Jabba the Hutt or Vince Vaughn).


Absolutely not—unless your name is Robert Smith or you’re doing a Kiss-themed wedding. Trust that the photographer will correct out the little blemishes using the wizard-like smudge tool in Photoshop.


Don’t chew gum and don’t talk while you’re taking photos. Bryan Grant assures us that you will look like an idiot if you do. You can play with “give me big eyes, little lips, work it, work it!” between shots to lighten the mood. Consider at least a handful of funny shots to highlight your unique sense of humor.


Avoid sidelight–it can cast cruel shadows and has been known to create the dreaded Kardashian effect. Instead either backlight the shot (and use a professional flash) or front light it. If you’re especially squinty, consider a backlit shot with fill flash.


You are a nuanced man. A man of the world. A man with deep thoughts, real feelings and plenty of experience. The kind of guy that has way more than just one look. Create a sophisticated “Bondsian” look for the rehearsal dinner shots with a velvet dinner jacket, take it formal on the wedding day with a black notch lapel tux, and air your cool sophistication for the reception in a trimmed-down sharkskin suit. Also, take a few serious heartfelt shots and a few playful ones. These multiple looks will give your wedding photos a sophistication and chic that will transcend time. After all, you don’t follow trends, you set them.

Looking great certainly helps when it comes to taking your wedding pictures. Generation Tux lets you customize your look and sample your clothing before the big day, so you’re sure to stun them all when the time comes.

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