How to Take Reship Photos

Did you know that when you rent with Generation Tux, your garments arrive two weeks in advance? That’s an additional 12 days compared to a traditional brick and mortar store!*

Once your garments arrive, we recommend trying them on immediately, and contacting our Customer Experience Team within the first 48 hours, if there are any fit issues. We suggest 48 hours because it ensures that there’s plenty of time to send you replacement garments before your event. Should you contact us outside of that time range, we can still accommodate you; however, rush shipping charges may apply.

Keep in mind that when we’re verifying and assessing the fit of your garments, we may request to see photos.

For anything related to your jacket or shirt sleeve length, we will want to see a photo of you wearing the garments with your arms hanging naturally at your side. Remember to button your jacket, and tuck your shirt in both the front and back. It’s also important to button your shirt all the way up, including the collar. A common mistake we often see is not using the right button on the shirt sleeve cuffs. If your sleeves are too short, use the first button. If the sleeves are too long, use the second button. As for jackets, please note that the proper sleeve length will expose anywhere from a half inch to an inch of your shirt sleeve.

When it comes to pants, it’s most helpful to send full-length photos showing the front and back. In addition, make sure to wear your pants, so that they’re sitting at an inch below your belly button. (This is the proper place to wear your pants.) You will also want to make sure to tuck your shirt both in the front and back for this photo as well.

As a general rule, keep your shoes on for all photos and remember to send both wide shots of the entire outfit, as well as details shots of the problem areas. Following these steps will guarantee a better fit assessment so that you can receive better fitting garments.

*(Please note that during peak season, garments may arrive at a later time due to popular demand of select styles.)

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