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How To Tie A Bow Tie


Did you know only 1% of the population (allegedly) knows how to tie a bow tie? That’s not very many people, but with this quick video, you can join those ranks.

Bow ties can be worn with either a suit or tuxedo. They are perfect for the stylish groom who wants to bring a little something extra to his suit. With a tuxedo, we definitely recommend wearing a bow tie over a long tie (though, if that’s what you want, we won’t stop you). A bow tie allows you to show off your shirt studs and takes your look from simply sharp to ultra dapper.

Don’t think that bow ties only have to be black and white, though. While that may be what works best for a tux, bow ties with suits can come in an array of colors and patterns. The sky is the limit. For your wedding, choose a color in the palette and go from there. Solid colors are great, but so are stripes, polka dots and florals.

Are you still debating between the long tie and a bow tie? Here is a post where we outline all the benefits of each.

More “How-to” videos can be found on our blog and YouTube channel.

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