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My Wedding is in 30 Days, Here Are My Thoughts


One month out. The home stretch! So exciting, yet so scary at the same time. The pinnacle of all our planning is on it’s way. All the small details that we’ve set to the side for the past year, now are decisions that need to be made. The seating chart needs to be organized and napkin colors need to be chosen.

I’ve attended my first two of three bridal showers. Yes, you read that correctly—three bridal showers! I had an absolute blast, and they were a little taste of what our wedding day will be like—all of our loved ones gathered under the same roof.

bride in robe with champagne

Our house (especially the kitchen) is suddenly stocked with many of the wonderful items we’ve added to our registry over the past few months. I guess you could call me a bit of a domestic nerd. I got so excited by cute mixing bowls, a good-quality garlic press, and fresh, white bed sheets! I am currently writing dozens of thank you cards.

So many people have told us that our wedding day will go by so quickly. They say, “Enjoy it! It will be over before you know it.” How do I slow it down? How can we possibly pause and remember each moment while sticking to the day’s strict schedule? This is one of those times where I will be taking as many “mental pictures” as I can. The more I think about our day, the more giddy I get! I am so excited for every single moment of the day, but I want to share three things I am looking forward to most.

1. Getting ready with my girls.

I love each of my 11 bridesmaids so dearly (I know, 11. I couldn’t help it!), and I am looking forward to the time spent with them before the day’s events. I have a feeling that I won’t be able to sleep much the night before, so it will be an early morning! I’m picturing sipping coffee, getting hair & makeup done, laughing, singing, and just enjoying each other’s company.

bride and bridesmaids getting ready and drinking champagne

2. First look with Grant

In the beginning, I was against doing a first look. I wanted Grant to see me for the first time while walking down the aisle. However, after seeking advice from others, we decided it would be best to do a first look. One of my friends who got married recently told me that doing a first look calmed her nerves. I anticipate some nerves as well, so I think seeing and spending time with Grant before the ceremony will be really special. A first look also makes more sense for the timeline of the day. We will be able to do our bride and groom portraits before the ceremony. This allows for an earlier ceremony start time, which our guests will surely appreciate.

3. Dancing the night away

My absolute favorite part of any wedding is the dancing. Maintaining a presence on the dance floor at ours is certainly a priority. I will be changing out of my wedding dress into an outfit that gives me more mobility for the reception. I take my dancing very seriously. Grant found a DJ in the area with a shining reputation. Music is very important to us, so we sat down together and chose a plethora of songs that we know our guests will enjoy—oldies and newbies.

bride and groom in black tuxedo sharing first dance

While it is easy for me to focus on the wedding itself, I believe that June 2, 2019 is truly about the beginning of my marriage to Grant. I am so thrilled for the start of our lives together. No more long-distance relationship! Memories together from here on out. I am so pleased with all the planning and preparation that has gone into our one-of-a-kind day. However, what really matters are the vows that we make to each other.

Jenna’s Journey

Jenna not only works in Marketing at Generation Tux, but she is also a bride-to-be! Jenna has worked on the bride’s side of the aisle in boutiques located in Virginia; Charleston, SC; and Louisville, KY. She has since traded in the fixing of veils for the straightening of bow ties. Follow along as she continues to prepare for her big day.

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