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Natural & Organic Wedding Photos You Must See


Tips for Throwing the Nature Wedding of Your Dreams

Once upon a time, American weddings were a lot less diverse. Back when our grandparents—or even parents—tied the knot, ceremonies were generally held in a place of worship and followed by a night of dancing at a nearby hotel. There’s an explanation for why these weddings were so prevalent: they’re entertaining! However, times have changed, and for good reason.

Our generation likes to do things a little differently. Millennial weddings tend to be unique, and include a lot of personal touches. Technology certainly helps here: things like wedding playlists, guest management, and even formalwear rentals can be done online. When it comes to venues, the modern engaged couple knows that their options

The Art of the Outdoor Nature Wedding

The truth is, there aren’t many natural settings that don’t make for a gorgeous wedding venue. Even outdoor sites with brutalist or industrial architecture can look incredible as a wedding backdrop when everything is in bloom and it’s set with the right plants, lighting, and decor. 

That being said, some organic settings are more impressive than others. You know the ones we’re talking about; Instagram and Pinterest are full of jaw-dropping natural wedding photos that feature towering trees, lush greenery, dramatic skies, and an impossibly attractive couple dressed to impress.

If spectacular natural wedding pictures are one of your Big-Day goals, you might want to consider the following venues:

1.) An Iconic Landscape

Yes, you can get married at breathtaking landmark sites and national parks— often, all it requires is a special permit. We’ve seen stunning natural wedding photos taken everywhere from the Grand Canyon and Joshua Tree National Park to Niagara Falls, à la Jim and Pam’s wedding.

To make the most of your dramatic setting, we recommend you take the time to match your attire to your surroundings. So, if you were planning to tie the knot at the Grand Canyon, you might choose from indigo, teal, gold, purple, and tan, as your palette to complement the breathtaking colors that are on permanent display. That gives you, your partner, and your parties lots of options for dress attire. 

One idea? An indigo suit paired with a long gold-toned tie and pocket square, and a crisp, white shirt. It’ll complement those mountains perfectly.


2.) Oceanside

Soaring views, unmarred natural light, crashing waves, clean colors…it’s no wonder that beaches lend themselves to showstopping natural wedding pictures. It’s worth noting that beaches are extremely diverse—depending on your location and preference, your venue choice will vary greatly. From tranquil white-sand beaches to secluded coves and dramatic coasts, each type of beach will provide a different—yet always impressive set of natural wedding photos. 

Let’s say you’ve chosen the rugged Oregon coast as your wedding venue. An ideal color scheme might be tan, hunter, aqua, slate, or ginger. We love the idea of a slate notch lapel suit here. It can be paired with a white shirt and pocket square, as well as a matching slate vest and a steel-blue tie for that oceanic touch.


3.) The Forest Floor

This is the definition of a fairy-tale wedding. However, instead of cartoon birds and lurking “evil step-parents,” you’ll be surrounded by your beloved friends and family. Also, trees. Lots of trees.

Your woodsy wedding is sure to make for some memorable natural wedding pictures. Your palette will, of course, depend on the time of year and what type of flora and fauna surrounds you. If you’re in the “rainforests” of Florida, it’s going to look very different from the woods of Minnesota. 

Let’s say your venue is amongst the spectacular redwood forests of California, and you want to rock a tux. For starters, how do we score an invite? Second of all, you have plenty of options for a color palette. A popular selection here is hunter, gray, canary, tangerine, and mahogany. Try pairing a cement gray notch lapel suit with a hunter tie, brown leather dress shoes, and an earth-toned pocket square like clover green. You will match the atmosphere of the forest and look more than polished.


If you don’t see your venue idea here, no worries. We’ve only listed our top three! Have a browse at our gallery to see more of the nature-themed wedding outfits we’ve helped our grooms to create. Once you’ve been inspired, you can customize your own look by choosing one of our merino wool tuxedos or suits and mixing and matching with our hundreds of accessories. As an added bonus, we will send you free color swatches so your specific color palette will turn out just right. 

At Generation Tux, we’ll help you find your fit, as well as your groomsmen and party members, right here on our website. No store visits to worry about—we’ll deliver your ensemble right to your door, and provide a prepaid shipping label for you to return at your convenience after the special day. Grooms are also entitled to a free advance Home Try-On session, so they can ensure that the ensemble created online looks just as great as they envisioned. Spoiler alert: it usually does—but we’re here to help if you want to try again. 

The first step is easy: Get started. Once you’ve created and finalized your look, you can breathe easily. It will show up at your doorstep 14 days before your beautiful outdoor nature wedding. When your big day is all finished, you can share your pics with us, and we’ll add them to our gallery, so more couples can find nature wedding inspiration from your event!

We can’t wait to see what you’ve been dreaming up—and to help bring it to life. 



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