New Year’s Resolution: Planning Your Upcoming Wedding

If you are planning to get engaged over the holiday season, congratulations! However, that means you’ll be starting the new year with a myriad of wedding details to iron out. One of the best ways to tackle this sometimes overwhelming task and make it fun for the two of you instead of stressful is to start with a checklist and gradually work through it. Below is a sampling of the things you’ll want to include on that list:

What to include on your wedding planning checklist

1. Set the date.

Of course, the most important part of planning a wedding (after deciding whom to marry) is deciding when to have the ceremony. This could depend on your work and school schedules as well as those of your close family and friends. It pays to be a little flexible until you’ve secured a place for the ceremony and the reception as your first choices may not be available on your first choice of dates.

2. Set the tone of the event.

The tone of your event is another important element. Do you want a formal or a casual wedding, a small or a large wedding, an outdoor or a church wedding?

Groom writing his vows before the wedding.

3. Set the budget.

Without a budget, wedding expenses can quickly get out of hand. Now is the time to set a maximum budget, so that you don’t get swayed by an expensive wedding venue or option that just doesn’t fit with your expenses.

4. Find a venue and a church, if applicable.

Securing a place for your ceremony and your reception is another critical part of your planning process. Many churches have counseling requirements that you’ll need to meet and popular reception venues tend to book up early, especially on Saturdays.

5. Choose your bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Give some thought as to whom you want to stay up in front of the church with you. Keep in mind that these people will need to be available for a couple of days surrounding the wedding as well as for the reception. Best friends and family members are the traditional choices but don’t be afraid to extend those boundaries to include people who are closest to you. For example, we know of several grooms who have chosen women to be their “best man”.

Bride and Groom walking. Black Peak Lapel Tuxedo.

6. Decide on a color scheme for suits or tuxedos, also accessory colors.

Decide on a color scheme early. This will tie into much of your other plans, from choosing flowers to ordering suits and tuxedos to plan tablecloths and centerpieces for your reception. Once you decide on a color palette you can request swatches from vendors to color match.

7.  Get Wedding Day Ready

It’s never too early to start trying on your wedding day attire. In fact, there are two major benefits to doing this in advance: You reduce stress and save time. That aside, you can make the process even more convenient by ordering online; Generation Tux is a great option.  This keeps you from spending a lot of time visiting a shop in-person, or the trouble of coordinating schedules to rally up groomsmen. How does it work? You can get started by requesting a free home try-on that’s delivered right to your door. If something feels off, you can ask for another at no extra cost, allowing you to make the right choice for your wedding.  

Tips for making wedding planning a success

1. Everyone will have advice but remember it’s your wedding.

Plan your day to meet your dreams, not everyone else’s.

2. Make planning your wedding your New Year’s resolution.

…but realize it is more than just one resolution.

Bride and Groom kissing outside of a church. Black Peak Lapel Tuxedo.

3. Celebrate the little wins.

Make a point of celebrating your little wedding planning victories, such as securing your venue, finding your attire and getting your wedding party all lined up. Rewarding your progress with your future spouse will keep you both sane.

4. Get support from your family and friends.

If you can get ahead of the curve and pick the members of your wedding party early, they can assist you in the decision-making process as well. You can delegate some small items to them, taking more off your planning plate.  Why not take advantage of this extra help?

5. Talk to your fiancé and have a clear understanding of both your expectations and roles.

You want to find out early what each of you expects from the wedding ceremony and reception. Look at this as one of your first opportunities to practice compromise. You certainly don’t want to learn at the last minute that he really wanted a casual wedding and you’re having a formal one. In that case, a good compromise would be to have a formal ceremony and a casual reception.

Mystic Blue Peak Lapel Suit.

Making suit and tuxedo rentals easy with Generation Tux

Generation Tux offers more than 20 different suit and tuxedo styles plus thousands of color accessories. We have something to fit virtually any theme, color scheme and tone. Our modern and slim designs are made of quality fabrics in a full range of sizes.

We deliver the suits and tuxedos directly to your door. You don’t have to mess around with picking them up from a storefront at the last minute; we get them to you about 14 days before your event and we provide packaging and a label for free return shipping. You can request a suit to try on before the event and grooms rent free with five or more groomsmen.

Planning your wedding this new year doesn’t have to be a hassle or cause stress between you and your fiance. Start with a good checklist and take advantage of time-saving options like renting your suit or tux from Generation Tux.

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