Online Suit or Tux Rental Myths Busted

I’m sure you’ve heard some nasty rumors about renting men’s suits and tuxedos, especially for your wedding, but just know that these myths are not always true, especially for online suit and tuxedo rentals. You should still be wary of small, local suit shops, but just know that there’s another way.


You might think that you won’t be able to pick up your outfit until the day before the wedding. This is only true for those small rental stores, where there is no room for error. If something doesn’t fit right, there’s not enough time to get it replaced.

With Generation Tux, all suits and tuxedos are delivered to your door 14 days before the wedding for a final fitting. Any fit needs are handled easily through our US based service department and sent directly to the party member. No exchanges. No tailors. Just an adjusted garment right to your door.

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Low Quality

Many suit stores and other rental places do in fact suits and tuxes made from polyester blend fabrics. This can cause suits to be ill-fitted, itchy and hot. But Generation Tux’s suits and tuxedos are made with 100 percent wool. You may hear wool and think stuffy sweaters, but don’t let that fool you. This material is actually designed to be cool in warm seasons and fit much better.

Poor Fit

Many small rental stores get their suits and tuxedos from a mass retailer that have low-quality materials and standard sizes. Some alterations can be made, but even after your uncomfortable fitting, there’s no guarantee for a perfect fit.

Generation Tux takes care of all your sizing online, so you’ll never have to go into a store for a fitting. Your entire party will receive their look 14 days before the event, and if something doesn’t fit exactly to your liking, there’s plenty of time to send it back for alterations. Plus, if you’re not sold on your look and fit just yet, the groom can try everything on months in advance to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.

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Most rental stores require you to return your suit or tux the day after your event, all while you’re nursing a hangover and running late to the airport. Generation Tux allows you three days to pack everything up at your convenience and send it back in our prepaid packaging. No traveling back to an out-of-the-way suit shop; just drop the box off at any UPS store.

With Generation Tux’s low-stress process you’ll barely have to think twice about looking great for you wedding. Still not convinced? Groom’s can test drive your look months in advance, so you know you’re getting exactly what you want. See what we have to offer to make your union extraordinary.

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