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Popular Pocket Square Folds And What They Say About You

Pock­et squares may seem like a mod­ern fash­ion inno­va­tion, but its air for flair has been around for more cen­turies than you can count on two hands. About four thou­sand years ago in ancient Egypt, wealthy Egyp­tians were car­ry­ing the first true pock­et squares made of bleached white linen. It was looked to as a sta­tus sym­bol and its tex­ture and col­ors con­tin­ued to evolve in Greece, Rome, Eng­land, France, all through Europe, the world, and into the present day.

By the 1900s, no fash­ion­able man left home with­out a pock­et square. Today, we not only have a vari­ety of options with col­or, pat­tern, and tex­ture to express your­self, but also a vari­ety of folds. So with­out fur­ther ado, here are a few pop­u­lar pock­et square folds and what they say about you.


classic pocket square fold

The clas­sic fold is the eas­i­est to mas­ter. After a few folds and tuck­ing it into your pock­et, you end up show­ing off the rolled edges or unique stitch­ing. This is pure form meets func­tion­al­i­ty. Total hip­ster ter­ri­to­ry. Some­thing styl­ish, but also handy, just in case you need to whip out your pock­et square to wipe down your DIY french press.


classic pocket square fold

Not just styl­ish, but razor-sharp with its clean edge. Clean-cut and con­ser­v­a­tive, it’s the go-to fold for for­mal din­ners, black-tie occa­sions, James Bond mis­sions, busi­ness deals, or Sen­a­tor races. If you don’t find your­self in one of these sit­u­a­tions, but still choose to use the pesko fold, every­one will just sim­ply know you as hav­ing great taste.


puff pocket square fold

The ulti­mate artists fold. The puff fold is all about the imper­fect per­fect. It requires a bit of exper­i­men­ta­tion to get what you’re look­ing for, but it’s exact­ly this that will give you your avant-garde appeal. Feel free to play with the sub­tle­ty of the soft, organ­ic shape—it’ll be the true sculptor’s touch!


crown pocket square fold.jpg

The crown fold is essen­tial­ly the puff fold turned upside down going from a sculp­tor to a painter’s vision. The ulti­mate Basquiat crown that sym­bol­izes a burst of cre­ativ­i­ty. Just like the puff fold, the imper­fec­tion is what makes the crown fold per­fect. Best of all, it tells every­one about your styl­ish, brazen atti­tude with­out hav­ing to say a word.


flower pocket square fold

For the sen­si­tive, bloom­ing soul, the flower fold is a must-have. One of the sim­plest folds, it also takes the most care to pull off to real­ly give the fab­ric its blossom—perfect for your sen­si­tiv­i­ty.

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