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Dec, 9 2022

7 Must-Have Suit or Tuxedo Accessories

Image of Generation Tux box with full look laid out

7 Must-Have Suit or Tuxedo Accessories

A great suit or tuxedo can be simple and clean, or bold and statement-making. It’s really up to you. With the right accessories, you can create the look that’s perfect for any occasion. If you have a favorite suit or tuxedo you like to wear on repeat, you can reinvent it each time you wear it by adding different accessories. In this blog, we’re going to cover the 7 must-have suit accessories (but you can use them for tuxedos as well).

Our Top Suit or Tuxedo Accessories


Man wearing Generation Tux Mystic Blue Suit with a Gray Sharkskin vest

A vest will take your suit from a 2-piece outfit to a 3-piece party. You can wear a vest as an optional piece for occasions when you want to look a little more dressed up. While the fabric of a vest can vary slightly from the main fabric of the pants and suit jacket, you’ll generally want to use the exact same fabric. However, there is opportunity to experiment. For example, say you’re wearing a brown suit. You can choose a vest that is in a slightly lighter color fabric. You can also try out a complimentary pattern on a vest, such as plaid or pinstripe. Since you may have a small pocket on your vest, why not use this as a chance to sport a pocket watch?


You may be wondering, what is a cummerbund? A cummerbund is a piece of black tie attire, resembling a wide belt that goes around the waist. They’re usually worn with tuxedos, have a pleated design, and are commonly made from a satin-like fabric. The purpose of a cummerbund is to cover the waist as it rests above the pants and shirt. But this accessory also helps keep a tuxedo shirt looking clean and tucked in at all times. Some also believe that cummerbunds create a slimming effect for the man wearing the tuxedo, but we think it just looks really classy.

Bowtie or Necktie

Close up image of groom wearing Generation Tux black bow tie

While you can channel your inner Daniel Craig and skip the necktie, adding this accessory can also elevate your look. If you’re attending a semi-formal or black tie event, you may want to opt for a bowtie. There’s several types of bowties you can choose from: butterfly, diamond point, and so on. Bowties are traditionally tied by hand, but nowadays there’s pre-tied options for ease of use. All you have to do is place the bowtie around your neck and under your shirt collar, and secure the closure at the nape.

A necktie is also formal, but can be used for more casual events as well. If you wear a necktie, it’s really an opportunity to customize your entire look. Available in a variety of colors, prints, widths, and finishes, neckties are truly a fun way to bring a theme to your look. Are you attending an event at a library or educational center? Pick up a bowtie that has a book print on it! Heading out to an elegant dinner and stroll along the gardens? Opt for a floral print that will reflect your personality!

Colorful Pocket Square

Close up image of Generation Tux Saffron pocket square

Add a pop of color to your suit jacket with a vibrant pocket square. A pocket square is a small piece of fabric that is neatly folded and sits on a suit jacket breast pocket, often resembling the top of a triangle. Pocket squares come in multiple fabric types, from silk and satin, to cotton and linen (depending on the suit). You can match your pocket square to your shirt or tie, creating a complimentary accent that is eye-catching. Please note, a pocket square is not the same thing as a handkerchief. A handkerchief is to be used to blow your nose or to use as a napkin (and shouldn’t be displayed after use).


Image of man adjusting Generation Tux Black & Silver Cufflinks

Close your cuffs in style with a pair of cufflinks. Available in multiple varieties of shapes, sizes, and colors, cufflinks are a great way to let your personality shine through. To wear cufflinks, first check to see if your shirt cuffs have the proper openings for cufflinks. Then choose a pair of cufflinks that’s right for your suit or tuxedo. You can go simple with solid or muted colors, or you can go extravagant with solid gold cufflinks and precious or semi-precious stones. It’s really up to you how you style them. So next time you’re out shopping, add cufflinks to your list of must-have suit accessories!


 Image of Generation Tux Black Suspenders laid out on a table

You may know suspenders from classic film noir films, historical figures such as Mark Twain, or your grandpa. The good news is that even though suspenders are a classic accessory, they’re back in style – and for good reason. Did you know that suspenders serve a functional purpose too? In addition to helping you look sharp, suspenders also work to pull your trousers up. So if you’d rather skip the belt, suspenders may be the way to go.


If you’re still not sure how to wear suit accessories, a watch is always a safe bet. But with so many watch options, how do you know which watch to pair with your suit or tuxedo? Well, the first thing to look out for is the color of the strap or band on the watch. If your suit is a cool color like gray or blue, then a metallic watch in a silver tone would look great. Is your suit a bit warmer, like a burgundy or brown tweed? A brown leather strap and gold-toned watch face might just be the perfect complement you need. If you already have a watch that you want to wear, you can change up your shirt to match the watch color better. For example, say you have a watch with a black leather wrist strap. Try choosing a button-up shirt that is also black, or has a print with dark-hued elements in it. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to wearing a watch.

What Accessories Come with a Suit or Tuxedo Rental

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At Generation Tux, we strive to make your suit or tuxedo rental process easy so you can focus on your big day. With every rental, we offer free color swatches, a free Home Try-On and a free suit or tux rental with 5 paid members. You can also rent any must-have accessories, from cufflinks to pocket squares. When you rent with us, you also get free shipping and delivery 14 days before your wedding, free replacements and pre-paid returns, and these are just some of our many perks.