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Jan, 7 2019

The Best Wedding Tuxedos for Men

The Best Wedding Tuxedos for Men

Tuxedos have long been the go-to attire for grooms and groomsmen alike. With the rise of casual weddings, however, has come a renewed interest in suits and other options. While suits are perfectly acceptable under some circumstances, however, nothing can match the formality and sophistication of a tuxedo. Below, we explore the enduring appeal of the wedding tuxedo—and trends to be aware of as you select the perfect style for your special day.


Suits are far from taboo at weddings, so why make the extra effort to get gussied up in a formal tuxedo? A few main arguments in favor of tuxedos are outlined below:


Tuxedos are inherently classy. Whether they feature ample satin or a simple strip down the pant leg, they add instant elegance to your big day. While suits are regularly worn for interviews or on the job, tuxedos are reserved for select occasions. This rarity of use makes them extra special.

bride and groom in front of a stream


Each member of your bridal party is unique—and each person holds a unique sense of style. On your wedding day, however, you don’t want an ill-fitting suit or other inadvisable wardrobe choices to take attention away from you and your future spouse. Tuxedos can give your wedding a classy, yet coordinated look that might be difficult to accomplish with other attire.


Brides are far from alone in wanting to look their best as they tie the knot. Grooms also want to look and feel attractive. Thankfully, tuxedos have a way of flattering a variety of body shapes. No matter your composition, you’ll look undeniably handsome in your tuxedo.


Wedding nerves are almost universal, but the last thing you want is to put those jitters on full display as you recite your vows. Somehow, a tuxedo has the power to banish those nerves, leaving you feeling more confident than ever.

Groom and groomsmen under a tree canopy


The tuxedo may seem like a straightforward garment with little room for personalization, but trends are always evolving. A slimmer fit has dominated tuxedo style for the past several years, with quality tailoring helping each groom look his best. While black was once the expected color, grooms have been increasingly willing to take risks with alternate color schemes, such as navygrey and cobalt.


You may be surprised to learn that tuxedo lapels come in several shapes and styles. Notch lapels with an indentation near the collar provide a traditionally classy look that will fit in no matter the circumstances. Peak lapels point upward from the seam and are typically regarded as modern, yet formal. Conversely, shawl lapels provide a vintage look, with a nod to the styles of yesteryear.

Bride and groom holding each other close about to kiss.


Accessories can make or break your formal look. Ideally, any accessories that accompany a tuxedo will be subtle, yet sophisticated. Traditionally, all men in tuxedos have also donned vests, cummerbunds, suspenders, and bowties. Recently, however, many grooms have done away with the most formal accessories. Ultimately, it all comes down to personal preference.


Sashes worn around the waist are known as cummerbunds. The main purpose of the cummerbund is to prevent your dress shirt from unattractively bulging or otherwise peaking out at the bottom of your jacket. Depending on your personal preferences, your cummerbund can also provide a welcome splash of color.

Vests are acceptable for tuxedos, peak lapels are usually paired with a vest. Generation Tux carries matching vests for all tuxedos they offer.


When you picture a traditional tuxedo, you probably assume that it’s accompanied by a bowtie. This look is no longer expected, however. Increasingly, grooms prefer to wear long ties that would typically be paired with suits. Bow ties are dapper, of course, but it all comes down to preference.

man buttoning up his tuxedo jacket


While grooms traditionally have asked all of their groomsmen to wear matching tuxedos, this expectation has gone by the wayside in recent years. While there’s something to be said for uniformity, mixed and matched tuxedos can add visual interest to the bridal party while still providing the cohesive look you desire. Each groomsman can wear the lapel of their choice if you decide to go with the traditional black.

When mixing and matching, be sure to consider not only how various tuxedos look together, but also how they look alongside the selected bridesmaid dresses and with the wedding decor in general.


Modern tuxedos come in a vast range of colors and fits. While this can be seen as a huge opportunity for personalization, it could also prompt unwarranted stress if you have no idea what you want or what looks best.

Sometimes, it helps to narrow down your options based on the venue and the time of the wedding. Casual or daring looks tend to work best with daytime weddings held in less formal venues, while a traditionalist approach may prove wise for an evening black-tie affair. For example; an evening cathedral ceremony followed by a fancy ballroom reception calls for a traditional black tuxedo with plenty of satin. Conversely, a quirkier wedding at an art gallery or brewery may warrant a slimmer fit or non-traditional colors and patterns.

man wearing a tuxedo

The right tuxedo can class up your wedding and deliver an instant boost of confidence on your big day. Look to Generation Tux to provide wedding day attire that will have you looking and feeling amazing.

No matter your style Generation Tux is here to help you find the right look for your big day, our home try-on allows you to experience the best quality and fit before you commit. Create your look, try it on, and ship it back. It’s that easy!

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