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Nov, 17 2020

10 Winter Styles for the Father of The Bride

10 Winter Styles for the Father of The Bride

While all eyes are on the happy couple at a wedding, their parents also play a special role during the event—particularly the father of the bride. In addition to walking his daughter down the aisle, there is also the father-daughter dance and possibly a toast at the reception. So it goes without saying that he needs to look his best on the big day.


Here are 10 tips to keep in mind when choosing the FOB’s ensemble.

#1: Suit or Tux?

What should the father of the bride wear? Whether he selects a suit or a tuxedo for this special day really depends on the dress code chosen by the bride and groom. Black tie, formal or semi-formal means a wedding tuxedo is in order, while cocktail or casual calls for a suit.

#2: Consider the Bride’s Dress

Since the FOB will be walking down the aisle with the bride, it’s important that his attire fits in with her wedding dress style. You can find out more about the suit or tux rental styles that work with different bridal gowns here.

#3: Stick with Darker Colors

Winter hues are more saturated in color, so the FOB should keep that in mind when choosing his suit and tux color. Think black, charcoal gray, or navy blue. These are all traditional colors that can easily be given a modern update.

#4: Check in with the Groomsmen

The father of the bride is a member of the bridal party, so he should coordinate with the groom and groomsmen attire, but he doesn’t need to match their ensembles exactly. For example, if the groom and his groomsmen are wearing light gray suits, the FOB can opt for a charcoal gray suit. Or if the groom and his guys are donning gray suits and pink shirts, the FOB can choose a white dress shirt with a pink tie.

#5: Choose the Right Fit

Although the father of the bride might want to stick with the same color scheme as the groom and his groomsmen, he still wants to choose the fit that works best for him. So while the younger groomsmen might be opting for a slim fit, the FB will probably be more comfortable in a classic one.

#6: Find Ways to Stay Warm

Everyone can beat the cold while still looking fashionable on the big day. Men, including the FOB, should choose a suit or tux in a warm but comfortable fabric, like the 100% Merino wool that all of Generation Tux’s suits and tuxedos are made from. The FOB might also want to add a vest as not only an extra layer but also to stand out from the other men in the bridal party. And of course, a good pair of socks is a must, so why not choose one to match his tie?

#7: Bring in Some Color

The FOB can choose a tie that coordinates with the bridal party colors, or he can match with the mother of the bride’s dress.

#8: Let Him Stand Out

The FOB plays a special role in his daughter’s day, so it makes sense to find simple ways to set him apart from the other men. Think of giving him a special boutonniere or having him wear a bowtie if everyone else is donning a necktie.

#9: Accessorize Well

Dad deserves to put on some bling on his daughter’s big day but keep it minimal. We love a nice pair of cufflinks and a pocket square. They can both make a statement without going overboard.

#10: Finish it Off

The FOB will also need comfortable shoes, and if the weather is harsh in the winter, make sure they’re easy to walk in during icy or snowy conditions.


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