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Mar, 28 2018

6 Excuses To Wear That Tuxedo One More Time

6 Excuses To Wear That Tuxedo One More Time

Congratulations, you are the proud renter/owner of a tuxedo! Applaud yourself for boldly ignoring the common utilitarian lament: “When will I ever wear this again?”That voice in your head was shunned for good reason. The wedding may be over, but the opportunities for formal wear are many, and man are they fun.


Bring the tux on your next Vegas weekend and prepare to address the question “dammit why didn’t I think of that?” Whatever your fortune on the casino floor, you’re guaranteed to be a winner wearing man’s greatest statement. Plus, there’s no chance of ever looking overdressed. You may feel like it’s a bit much, but believe us, you’ll see everything in Vegas.


Grab a martini glass and you’re James Bond. Don a fancy cape and you’re Dracula. Find a top hat and a monocle and you’re the Monopoly man. The possibilities are endless. You’re welcome.

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Follow these simple steps to unlimited adoration from your girl: purchase symphony tickets, take tux to dry cleaner, purchase single rose, put a note that says “wear me tonight” on her nicest red dress, profit emotionally. If the symphony’s out of town, fret not—piano lessons would welcome the same apparel.


If you’ve joined the tuxedo class, you must consider yourself poised for philanthropy. Find a formal fundraising event and make your generosity and style known to the world.


Few places on earth welcome the tux like London (although Tuxedo, N.Y., is a real place). You’ll be welcomed with open arms strolling in Kensington or in any number of the city’s theaters, museums or tea and crumpet halls.


Yes, women wear tuxedos, and usually better than we do. Ellen Page, Angelina Jolie, Madonna — some of the most women of the forward-thinking zeitgeist manage and own the look. Is your lady edgy enough to pull it off? If she can, the rewards are infinite…

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