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Mar, 30 2018

Color Schemes and Accessories for a Gray-Suit Wedding

Color Schemes and Accessories for a Gray-Suit Wedding

When you’re picking out a color palette for your and your groomsmen’s wedding suits, gray immediately stands out as a crisp, cool and classy alternative to traditional black. It tells everyone that you weren’t afraid to think outside the box while still remaining sophisticated.

A lot goes into putting together a great look, however. There are so many things to consider: ties, vests, shoes and a bunch more accessories. But don’t stress! Adding pops of color and texture to your wedding look is actually pretty easy, and you’ll be surprised how fashion-forward you’ll feel when you tell your bride that yes, it was you who picked out the periwinkle tie.

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If the last time you wore a suit was to your senior prom, you probably don’t remember all of the accessories that can really pull your suit’s look together. Here are the best choices for your gray suit:

Shirt: Generally, you’ll go with a white shirt, but you can also opt for a light blue or light pink shirt to compliment the gray. This is a way to add a little something extra to your look without being flashy.

Pocket Square: Not just for your grandfather’s suit, the pocket square is also a classy finishing touch to your gray suit. See below for color options.

Shoes: Brown or black. Either color works fine with gray.

Belt: Coordinate this with the shoes.

Vest: Go for color (see below) or opt for a textured or patterned gray vest to add some depth to your suit.

Tie: There are so many great color options for gray suits. We talk more about this below, but just know, that pretty much anything goes when it comes to picking a great tie for your wedding.

Colors for Every Season: Changing the color according to the date of your wedding makes sense — lighter colors evoke touches of spring’s renewal, while darker colors are rich and resplendent in colder months. If you’re getting married in the spring, lavender and light yellow accessories will add soft nuances to your gray suit. Reflect the summer’s bright sun and waves by using peacock blue or bright yellow accents. A fall wedding would allow you to mix dark purple or dark green accessories to evoke a lush outdoor scene. Winter calls for cozy indigo, navy or black to contrast the cool gray of your crisp suit.

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