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Sep, 3 2020

Great Looks For Your Groomsmen

Great Looks For Your Groomsmen

While the groom is definitely the most important guy at a wedding, the group of men he chooses to be by his side on the big day also need to look their best. Gone are the days of the simple black suit and tie—now grooms and groomsmen are bringing their wedding day attire to a whole new level. Here are some ways to make sure everyone is dressed to impress from head to toe.


Formal Is In

Tuxedos are a hot trend for this winter, and your guys are sure to look dapper in a class tux such as the black notch lapel tuxedo. And don’t be afraid to add some color and opt for a tux in mystic blue, charcoal gray, or light gray.

Go Blue

Blue is the color of the year—trendy, but still classic. Luckily, Generation Tux has a variety of blue shades of suits and tuxedo rentals, from mystic blue, bright blue, postman blue, and slate blue.

Choose The Right Colors

The groomsmen’s attire should complement what the bridesmaids are wearing, so choose colors wisely. The easiest way to ensure you have the perfect match is by looking at color swatches beforehand.


Look at Different Fabrics

Grooms are getting experimental with the fabrics they are choosing for their groomsmen. This is another decision that is best made by looking at a variety of swatches to get a sense of the look and feel of each one.

Mix & Match

One popular trend for 2020 has been for guys to wear a contrasting vest with the suit and tux. For example, choose a gray vest as a complement to a navy suit.

Use our Style Builder to mix and match different suit/tux styles and accessories until you find your perfect look.


Be Bold With The Tie

Whether it’s a bright color or playful pattern, the right tie or bowtie can add a wow factor to even the most basic suit.

Put on Some Statement Socks

Believe it or not, socks have become an important accessory for grooms and groomsmen on the wedding day. Choose a fun pair for all of your guys and give it to them as part of their bridal party gift.

Pin On A Boutonniere

Who says the bride and bridesmaids are the only ones who get beautiful blooms on the big day? A colorful and lush boutonniere will be an eye-catching pop of color for the groomsmen’s attire.

Don’t Forget Accessories

Pocket squares and cufflinks can help put the finishing touch on the groomsmen’s look.

Sport Smart Shoes

Don’t let the dress shoes be an afterthought. Pick out a pair that completes the groomsmen’s look for the day. And while they can be pricey, we have a few pairs you can rent for the big day.

Once you’re ready to start putting together the groomsmen’s look, check out our suits, tuxesties, and accessories!

Worried about keeping everything organized? An easy way to stay on top of the tux/suit rental process is Generation Tux’s online system, which allows you to send them a link to the exact look to rent for the big day, and then keep track of everyone’s progress to make sure they’ll have their attire on time.


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