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Oct, 31 2022

Putting Together the Perfect Prom Outfit

Mom putting on student’s boutonniere, student is wearing a Generation Tux Slate Blue suit

The prom is a huge milestone for many high schoolers, with the excitement and anticipation at an all-time high for months leading up to the big event. When it comes to teen boys, however, fashion isn’t always in the forefront of their minds. That’s why they might need some help when choosing what to wear to their prom.

Whether it’s a parent, date or the guy himself putting together the ensemble, Generation Tux has everything you need to create a prom look that will make him feel like a (prom) king. From suits and tuxedos to ties and socks, we offer a huge selection in an array of colors and styles, so dates can coordinate with ease.

Get Your Prom Look

For the traditional guy

Student wearing a Generation Tux Black Notch Lapel Tuxedo

For a formal prom look, you simply can’t go wrong with a classic black tuxedo—and Generation Tux has three to choose from: the Black Notch Lapel Tuxedo, the Black Peak Lapel Tuxedo, and the Black Shawl Lapel Tuxedo. All are made with Super 140’s Merino wool, so he’ll stay cool and comfortable throughout the night.

If he’d rather not wear a prom tuxedo (hey, it’s not for everyone), a black suit is your next best option for a traditional look. Our two-button Black Notch Lapel Suit is the perfect base to help put together a customized look that shows off your personal sense of style. If you want to add some color—but still stay in a darker suit—the Navy Blue Notch Lapel Suit and the Charcoal Gray Notch Lapel Suit can each be paired with a variety of bright and soft accessory colors.

And if you really want to sport an ensemble like no other, consider our White Dinner Jacket paired with our black flat front pants for a timeless look.

The more modern young man

Man wearing a Generation Tux Navy Blue suit with hand in pocket

More guys are looking to step out of the box with their special event attire, and the prom is the perfect place to show off a customized look. A modern look embraces color, so why not start off with a prom tuxedo or suit in a color other than basic black?

Bring in the blue

Our Midnight Blue Peak Lapel Tuxedo is sure to turn heads while also giving off classic vibes. Want a brighter blue? The Mystic Blue Tuxedo  is definitely for the guy who wants to stand out from the crowd.

We also have stylish prom suits in colors including Bright Blue, Mystic Blue, and Allure Dark Blue, which is made with Coolmax moisture wicking breathable fabric and Sorona stretch fiber construction for extra comfort. Even better: Blue matches with pretty much any color, so you can coordinate with your date with ease.

Go with gray

Man wearing a Generation Tux Cement Gray suit with hands in pocket

If you’re looking for a prom suit or tuxedo in a neutral, but want to go beyond basic black, gray is definitely the way to go. In fact, it is the new neutral that can work with any dress code, from formal to festive. Generation Tux has notch lapel tuxedos in both Charcoal Gray and Light Gray—both look amazing with bold, neutral or patterned accessories.

There are plenty of options when it comes to prom suits, including our single-button Iron Gray Peak Lapel Suit, the Gray Sharkskin Suit, and the Cement Gray Suit.

And the Allure Light Gray Suit, which is equipped with Coolmax moisture wicking breathable fabric and Sorona stretch fiber construction, so you can dance the night away and still stay cool and comfortable.


Man wearing Generation Tux Allure Dark Brown suit with hand in pocket

Trust us, brown is not boring. In fact, it’s becoming more popular by the day. Our Allure Dark Brown Suit brings back an old classic and gives it a modern feel. Like all of our Allure collaborations, the suit is made with Coolmax moisture wicking breathable fabric and Sorona stretch fiber construction.

Of course, whatever tux or suit you choose needs to fit perfectly. There’s no need to squeeze in a fitting between after-school activities and hanging out with friends. Just answer some simple questions and let our innovative technology find the right fit for you. You never have to leave the comfort of your own home and can do it around your schedule.

How To Rent

Customizing your look

Man adjusting tie wearing a Generation Tux Slate Blue suit

Before you start putting together your look, be sure to touch base with your date to find out what they will be wearing. While you don’t have to match exactly, you do want your look to coordinate with theirs. If you’re going stag with a group of friends, it could also be fun to come up with a theme, such as paisley or patterned ties in different hues or matching pocket squares.

Bow Tie or Neck Tie?

Man adjusting bow tie wearing a Generation Tux Mystic Blue suit, matching with his friends behind him

The choice is really up to you. Bowties are usually reserved for more formal looks, while neckties work for any dress code. Wear what makes you comfortable and best completes the overall theme and vibe you’re going for with your prom look.

Since most of Generation Tux’s suit options are neutral in color, you can feel free to get a bit adventurous with your tie with a bold color or a fun print, including striped, zig zag, paisley or plaid. This is the time to show off your style and personality!

And since we know determining the best shade can be hard on a computer screen, Generation Tux will send free color swatches to your home so you can select the right hue for you.


Man wearing a Generation Tux Midnight Blue Notch Lapel Tuxedo with hands in pocket

All of Generation Tux’s suits come with a matching vest—whether or not you opt to wear one is up to you. But it is often a good way to still look dashing on the dance floor if you decide to take your jacket off during the event.

Pocket Squares

A pocket square can make a statement in your ensemble. Just be sure not to match your tie and pocket square. Instead, the pocket square should complement your overall look. And you absolutely can wear a pocket square with a boutonnière. Just make sure your pocket square isn’t too high out of your pocket and your boutonnière is high enough so that it has its own space.

Lapel Pins

Another option in lieu of a boutonniere is a lapel pin. These hand-cut petals form either a rose-shaped or lilac-shaped lapel pin and come in an array of colors.


A cool pair of socks can really up your style game. Generation Tux offers pairs in a variety of colors and fun designs.


Fashion is all about showcasing your own personal style, so many guys are stepping out of the box and sporting sneakers to special events. But these shouldn’t be your everyday sneakers—the ones you wear should be pristine and new (if possible). Of course, if you’re more comfortable in dress shoes, we got you, with both brown and black options.

Now that you’ve reviewed all of the options, it’s time to start putting together your prom look! Start browsing through our selection of suits, shirts, ties and other accessories for a night to remember.

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