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Feb, 14 2020

Romantic Outfits to Wear on Valentine’s Day: A Gentleman’s Guide

Romantic Outfits to Wear on Valentine’s Day: A Gentleman’s Guide

Valentine’s Day dates are anything but “one size fits all.” Whether you’re going for a romantic dinner with your long-term partner, trying to wow a new love at the symphony, or getting ready to pop the question, a Valentine’s Day suit or tux should be on your V-Day to-do list. With 21 unique valentine’s suits to choose from, and hundreds of accessories to help make it your own, Generation Tux has all of the secret weapons for making you look your best on February 14th.

We’ve seen plenty of guys suit up for a special Valentine’s Day date over the years, and we’re here to share some of our favorites. Below are our top choices for Valentine’s Day attire for men.

You: A tech-wiz, a partner at a start-up, and a lover of craft beer.

The Date: A 12-course tasting menu at an experimental molecular-gastronomy bar.

The Look: Your office tends to have a more casual vibe, but now’s the time to show your partner another side of your style. Rocking a Valentine’s Day suit is more than appropriate for a tasting-menu date. Try an indigo suit with no tie, and a patterned shirt—we suggest gingham. When you’re wearing this suit, you will be just as eye-catching as the perfectly plated dishes you’ll be trying all night.

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You: A natural comedian with a big smile and an even bigger personality.

The Date: A night at the opera, followed by a fancy dessert in the city.

The Look: When you go to the opera or theatre, a tuxedo should be your new best friend…especially on Valentine’s Day. A light grey tux is a beautiful choice for the occasion—it’s not as fancy as a black one, but still gives an air of elegance and honors the importance of the evening. You can even plan ahead and match your bow tie or pocket square to the colors your date is wearing.

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You: A world traveler, whiskey snob, and slight bibliophile.

The Date: A French film, hors d’oeuvres, and champagne at an underground cinema and club.

The Look:Ooh là là. Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to go with an ultra-romantic look. A night of French cinema and bubbles calls for a classic black, red, and white combo. How about a black notch lapel suit with a ruby red lapel rose and pocket square? You can play around with vest colors—grey or black both look excellent here.

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You: A tattooed lover of all things food and drink.

The Date: Dining at the chef’s table at your buddy’s impossible-to-book restaurant.

The Look: Arrive at the restaurant rocking a pair of dark jeans with a button-down and vest. Throw on a pair of boots, roll back your jacket and shirt sleeves to show off those tats, and you’re golden.

You: A sports lover, grillmaster, and proud dog Dad.

The Date: A craft brewery tour, followed by a special beer pairing meal onsite.

The Look: This is a great time to pull out your nicest sweater. Pair it with jeans, dress shoes, and a casual suit coat. You’ll look elegant without seeming overdressed.

You: A nature-loving father of two.

The Date: A babysitter at home and a lovely, local dinner for two.

The Look: You’ve already sprung on the babysitter, why not go the extra mile and wear a special Valentine’s Day suit? We know you’re probably more tired these days, but believe us, it’s an easy and enjoyable way to show the romance is far from dead. So, knock back an espresso shot and slip into a gray sharkskin notch suit and brown loafers. Pink accents work really nicely here—a rose pocket square and tie will pull everything together.

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You: A music-loving, coffee-fueled, hopeless romantic.

The Date: A walk along the river with your guitar. A serenade, and a proposal.

The Look: While your everyday style may be a bit “recording studio,” tonight you want to look more like you’re on an album cover. You can wear jeans, but make sure they’re in good condition. Pair them with a smart button-down, boots, and a leather or suede jacket.

You: A dedicated and hard worker, both at the office and in daily life.

The Date: A candlelit—and elaborate—homemade dinner.

The Look: Your partner has likely seen you suit up hundreds of times. Tonight, you’re staying in, so it might be the occasion to try a different, more casual romantic look. A tight-knit sweater paired with some handsome slacks and loafers create a debonair “Don Draper on the weekend” kind of vibe…and we’re here for it.

You: A classic Southern “good old boy.”

The Date: A sunset riverboat cruise with champagne and dinner.

The Look: A white tux with a shawl lapel is a dreamy option for a riverboat cruise. This suit is genteel and happens to look fantastic next to a colorful sunset. Plus, white goes with anything, so you are sure to match whatever your date chooses to wear.

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Whatever you choose to do this February 14th, Generation Tux is here for all your Valentine’s Day suit needs. Customize your own look online today and have it delivered right to your door—Looking good has never been this easy.