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Mar, 9 2020

Summer Wedding Ideas & Trends

Summer Wedding Ideas & Trends

After working with tens of thousands of couples planning their big day, we have no doubt learned the lessons of what works and what does not work. So as we share some of our favorite wedding thoughts, including our top looks for this year’s men’s summer wedding attire, kick back, relax and get ready to snag some ideas.


Venues for a Summer Wedding: Trends, Ideas, and Tips for Saying “I Do” Outdoors

Lots of couples choose to get married over the summer. It makes sense: warmer weather is just easier to navigate. With summer weddings, ceremony locations, menus, and attire selections are countless. Summer means possibilities—even your backyard can serve as an outdoor venue.

Why not tie the knot…

  • Near a Body of Water: Clear skies, glittering water, warm breezes, and an impeccably dressed couple saying “I do” in the perfect setting for natural lighting? Yes, please. Many couples choose to have their big day waterside. From barefoot beach weddings to exchanging vows on a boat ride at sunset, these are all great options for summer-time weddings.
  • Back to the Days of Yore: Renting out a summer camp for the weekend is a relatively new summer wedding trend that we love. The perks: wedding guests can stay in cabins, there are several opportunities for fun activities, and there’s usually a beautiful wooded area or lake to hold your ceremony.
  • Botanical Gardens: Botanical gardens make for a stunning venue during other seasons, but summer is their time to shine. Flowers are generally in full bloom, creating a lush and vibrant atmosphere that will wow your guests and look spectacular in photos.

A Summer-Fresh Reception Menu

Summer wedding food selections are all about creativity. The best part is that you have tons of seasonal options.

  • A Taste of British Summer: Across the pond, a popular way to break the heat of a balmy day is to enjoy a cold Pimm’s Cup, a cocktail featuring an herbaceous and citrusy gin-based liqueur. With this beverage, you can serve sliced fruit and herbs—think cucumber slices, strawberries, oranges, and mint. These British staples make for a refreshing signature summer cocktail—we like the idea of letting guests create their own, in a DIY candy bar sort-of-fashion
  • Go Local: In the summer, think farm-to-table catering and other seasonal, community-minded options. You might find that your favorite restaurant—you know, the one that does the perfect lobster rolls and grows their veggies—would be more than happy to provide the catering for your wedding.
  • I Scream, You Scream…: As a glorious night of dancing under the summer sky begins to wind down, it’s time to serve everyone’s favorite part of the evening—dessert. We love the idea of a custom ice cream social, or even hiring an old-school ice cream truck to show up, music and all. Ice cream is a summer treat that everybody can enjoy, but make sure to have a dairy-free option, too.

Wedding Ideas for Summer: Atmospheric Attire and Decor

You’ve set the scene, created a menu, even sent out your save-the-dates. Now is the time to decide on the decorations and attire.

  • Choosing Your Flowers: When it comes to summer wedding flowers, choices are abundant. There are hundreds of options for you to select between; practically everything is available! If you and your partner have a connection to a particular flower—perhaps you brought hydrangeas on your first date or proposed in a peony field—it would be a personal touch to include those in your bouquets and decor.
  • Decorating for Summer: If your wedding is in an area of natural beauty, lighting is a great way to enhance the atmosphere, particularly at night. String some glittering lights, or use tea candles to illuminate the space. It will set the scene for special, life-long memories.Color choice is also another item to consider. After all, the best looking weddings are fully color-coordinated. Getting some free swatches in your wedding attire colors will help you narrow down which shades work with your suit or tux and which don’t.
  • Suiting Up: It’s your big day, and whatever you choose is the “right” summer wedding suit for you. Period. Some clothing options are more popular than others when it comes to warm-weather weddings, though. In the summer, a lot of men tend to skip hot black suits and tuxedos, especially if the event is during the day. Lighter options instead are more common. Tan, blue,gray, and white all make a fantastic suit or tux choice for a stylish summer wedding. If you’re looking for a killer summer wedding suit, you’re in the right place. With Generation Tux, you can create your men’s summer wedding attire looks from the comfort of your own home. Visit our site and browse through our collection of 21 Merino wool suits and tuxedos. Need some inspiration first? Check out our gallery to see what other couples have created. After you choose a summer wedding suit that you love, you can easily customize it to match your wedding color palette. We have hundreds of accessories, add-ons, and color options.

Once you’ve created your unique look, we’ll ask you a few easy questions about your body type and clothing size, and our algorithm will find you the right fit. From there, you can add guys from your party to your order, and we’ll follow up with them on their measurements and details.

In the meantime, grooms get to take advantage of our free advance Home Try-On session: we’ll send your look right to your door, and you’ll have 48 hours to make sure you love it. After that, you can breathe easy! Fourteen days before your big day, your garments will arrive at your place, ready to usher you into your new life. From there, you have three days to drop them off at your nearest UPS. Simple, right?


We are excited to see what you dream up: create your summer wedding look today!