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7 Ways Swatches Make Wedding Planning Easier


There are so many decisions that need to be made when putting together your wedding day, so finding ways to make the process easier is a must. One super helpful planning tool that many couples overlook is the color swatch. Believe it or not, this little fabric square can help turn your wedding day vision into a reality. Here are just a few ways you can use color swatches to plan your special event.

Choose your wedding colors. The colors you select for your special day will be featured in everything from the invites and flowers to the decor and bridal party attire. With so many hues out there, it can seem like an overwhelming endeavor. While looking at colors online is a great first step, you need to remember that computer monitors, mobile devices, and tablet screens all have different resolutions. To get a sense of what the color really looks like, you need a swatch.

Find the right combo. Most couples pick out two (or even three!) coordinating colors for their wedding day. There are thousands of color combinations to choose from. Swatches allow you to envision your wedding day palette, testing out different colors next to each other to see what works and what clashes.

Decide on the best shade. One of the most surprising discoveries when choosing your wedding colors: how many different shades there are of a particular color! Do you want Ferrari Red or Sangria? Mint Green or Dusty Sage? Light or dark lavender? A swatch allows you to take a closer look at all of the different hues to make the decision process easier.

Hand holding swatch card above table with other swatch cards

See them at your venue. Unless you’re starting with a completely blank slate, you’ll want to find out how various colors will work at your chosen venue. Bring in your swatches and show them to the in-house wedding coordinator, who might even be able to pull out linens in the different shades so you can get an even better idea of how everything will look during your event.

Finalize the bridal party attire. Swatches aren’t just for bridesmaid dresses! They can also be used to help pick out the perfect fabric for the groom and his guys, as well as make sure groomsmen’s accessories coordinate with the bridesmaids’ look.

Coordinate with vendors. Vendors including your florist, invitation designer, linen supplier, etc., will need to see your color scheme so they can make sure they match their designs to your vision. Showing them a swatch is the best way to get everyone on the same page.

Get a feel for fabric. Generation Tux’s signature line of suits and tuxedos are made with luxury quality Super 130s and 140s Merino Wool. Guys can touch the fabric before placing their order through our swatches.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry—Generation Tux allows you to order up to five color swatches, which will be delivered to your home for free. Take a look at the various shades and patterns we have available for ties, bow ties, and pocket squares.

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