The Generation Tux Home Try-On: Finding the Right Fit

Take a moment to think about the typical process for buying a car. You generally shop around until you find one that you like, and once you’ve made your selection, you usually take it for a test drive, right? It’s kind of the same idea with the Home Try-On. You visit our website; you choose items that you’d like to wear for the big day; and you test drive the look and experience.

What Else Should You Know?

The Home Try-On is free!

The trial is also good for 48 hours. Once you’re finished with the Home Try-On, you package everything back up; apply the prepaid return shipping label included in your box; and drop it off at the nearest shipment location.

To qualify for the Home Try-On, you must be a groom and your wedding has to be more than 60 days away. If your wedding is slightly less than 60 days away, be sure to contact the Customer Experience team at 1-844-726-4889. Who knows — There may be some wiggle room!

How Do You Sign-Up?

First, simply go to and create an account. After that, select the Home Try-On tab at the top of the homepage.

Once you’re there, you’ll notice five items that you can sample: A suit or tux, which includes the jacket and pants; a shirt; a tie; a vest or cummerbund; and shoes. After you shop around and make your selections, your next step is to complete a “fit” profile. The neat feature here is that you don’t even need a measuring tape, or to go to a tailor to get measurements (unless you prefer this). Our fit algorithm will actually predict sizes for you based on information you already know – like your height, weight, pant size and more.

Next, schedule a date for the Home Try-On to arrive and voilà, you’re all set! It’s convenient and the best part is that you can do everything from the comfort of your own home!