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Things to Consider When Picking Your Wedding Date

“When’s the wed­ding??”

The ques­tion that every new­ly engaged cou­ple gets asked by almost every­one they come in con­tact with. Some­times you just don’t know! Espe­cial­ly point two sec­onds after get­ting engaged.

How­ev­er, it is one of the very first things you’ll decide on after get­ting engaged and unless you’ve known since child­hood that you want to be a June bride (lit­er­al­ly that hap­pens in the movies all the time), then you’re prob­a­bly not 100 per­cent sure.

To cel­e­brate today’s spe­cial date (hap­py first day of sum­mer!) and help you nar­row down your options, we’ve com­piled a list of things to con­sid­er when try­ing to choose your wed­ding date.

Your Dream Wedding

First and fore­most, con­sid­er your dream wed­ding. This can help nar­row down your sea­sons, venue, etc. What do you envi­sion in the back­ground? Lots of flow­ers? Leaves chang­ing col­ors? Snowy moun­tain tops? The beach at sun­set? What kind of food do you think you want? What flow­ers? Boozy hot choco­late or trop­i­cal cock­tails?

bride in fur coat with groom in navy suit


After you’re done imag­in­ing, if you still don’t have a good idea of what time of year to choose, con­sid­er the sea­sons, espe­cial­ly in the area where you’re get­ting mar­ried. For exam­ple, our home office is based in Louisville, KY, where the sum­mers are hor­ri­bly hot and humid. For the sake of hair and make­up, we would not rec­om­mend going any­where near the out­doors in July and August in the South.


While you might think pick­ing a hol­i­day week­end is the best idea you’ve ever had, you’re prob­a­bly wrong and may want to recon­sid­er. Yes, a lot of peo­ple will have off an extra day that week­end, but they might also already have plans or have plan to have plans. I for one, love to spend my days off doing a whole lot of noth­ing or vis­it­ing my out of town fam­i­ly. Plus, you might not want your wed­ding asso­ci­at­ed with that par­tic­u­lar hol­i­day or want to spend the extra mon­ey on a hol­i­day venue rental.

Special Dates

This is a pret­ty large cat­e­go­ry with some dates to con­sid­er and some dates to avoid. Con­sid­er spe­cial dates in your rela­tion­ship (first date, anniver­sary, etc.) and see if those line up on the day of the week you want to get mar­ried.

Some dates to avoid, how­ev­er, are dates spe­cial to either of your fam­i­ly mem­bers cur­rent­ly or in the future. Maybe you should avoid a fam­i­ly member’s birth­day or anniver­sary, etc.

spring wedding reception table decorations


Sim­i­lar­ly, think about your sched­ules, your fam­i­lies sched­ules, and your area’s sched­ule. You don’t want to plan your wed­ding right in the mid­dle of a time where you will be super busy with work or trav­el­ing a lot. You also want to avoid grad­u­a­tions of fam­i­ly mem­bers, etc. Plus, you’ll want to think about what’s going on in your city that week­end. Like a big music fes­ti­val or what have you. Anoth­er exam­ple for Louisville would be the Ken­tucky Der­by. Do not even think about get­ting hotels or event spaces that week­end.


Bud­get is anoth­er huge thing to con­sid­er. If you’re try­ing to save a lot of mon­ey, you’ll want to think about off sea­sons and days of the week that aren’t as pop­u­lar. The most pop­u­lar months are May, June, and Octo­ber and the most pop­u­lar day is Sat­ur­day. The oth­er days and months may have reduced pric­ing, so you’ll def­i­nite­ly want to check with your venue.


Your hon­ey­moon can also play a part. If you’re plan­ning on hav­ing your hon­ey­moon right after the wed­ding, think about the sea­son, weath­er, and peak tourism times in your cho­sen des­ti­na­tion. You might be plan­ning an ear­ly sum­mer wed­ding in the States, but that Caribbean island is already blis­ter­ing hot. Trav­el­ing across the ocean to Rome? While it will prob­a­bly be a lit­tle cool­er, the off-sea­son there is Novem­ber-March, so there won’t be as many ran­dom peo­ple in your pho­tos of the Tre­vi Foun­tain and Colos­se­um.

bride and groom in blue suit at hawaiian destination wedding

Your pref­er­ence is what mat­ters above all else, but there are def­i­nite­ly some­thing to keep in mind. What­ev­er date you pick, con­grats on your engage­ment! And good luck as you embark on the wed­ding plan­ning process! We promise we won’t ask you what your date is. Yet.

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