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Things to Consider When Picking Your Wedding Date


“When’s the wedding??”

The question that every newly engaged couple gets asked by almost everyone they come in contact with. Sometimes you just don’t know! Especially point two seconds after getting engaged.

However, it is one of the very first things you’ll decide on after getting engaged and unless you’ve known since childhood that you want to be a June bride (literally that happens in the movies all the time), then you’re probably not 100 percent sure.

To celebrate today’s special date (happy first day of summer!) and help you narrow down your options, we’ve compiled a list of things to consider when trying to choose your wedding date.

Your Dream Wedding

First and foremost, consider your dream wedding. This can help narrow down your seasons, venue, etc. What do you envision in the background? Lots of flowers? Leaves changing colors? Snowy mountain tops? The beach at sunset? What kind of food do you think you want? What flowers? Boozy hot chocolate or tropical cocktails?

bride in fur coat with groom in navy suit


After you’re done imagining, if you still don’t have a good idea of what time of year to choose, consider the seasons, especially in the area where you’re getting married. For example, our home office is based in Louisville, KY, where the summers are horribly hot and humid. For the sake of hair and makeup, we would not recommend going anywhere near the outdoors in July and August in the South.


While you might think picking a holiday weekend is the best idea you’ve ever had, you’re probably wrong and may want to reconsider. Yes, a lot of people will have off an extra day that weekend, but they might also already have plans or have plan to have plans. I for one, love to spend my days off doing a whole lot of nothing or visiting my out of town family. Plus, you might not want your wedding associated with that particular holiday or want to spend the extra money on a holiday venue rental.

Special Dates

This is a pretty large category with some dates to consider and some dates to avoid. Consider special dates in your relationship (first date, anniversary, etc.) and see if those line up on the day of the week you want to get married.

Some dates to avoid, however, are dates special to either of your family members currently or in the future. Maybe you should avoid a family member’s birthday or anniversary, etc.

spring wedding reception table decorations


Similarly, think about your schedules, your families schedules, and your area’s schedule. You don’t want to plan your wedding right in the middle of a time where you will be super busy with work or traveling a lot. You also want to avoid graduations of family members, etc. Plus, you’ll want to think about what’s going on in your city that weekend. Like a big music festival or what have you. Another example for Louisville would be the Kentucky Derby. Do not even think about getting hotels or event spaces that weekend.


Budget is another huge thing to consider. If you’re trying to save a lot of money, you’ll want to think about off seasons and days of the week that aren’t as popular. The most popular months are May, June, and October and the most popular day is Saturday. The other days and months may have reduced pricing, so you’ll definitely want to check with your venue.


Your honeymoon can also play a part. If you’re planning on having your honeymoon right after the wedding, think about the season, weather, and peak tourism times in your chosen destination. You might be planning an early summer wedding in the States, but that Caribbean island is already blistering hot. Traveling across the ocean to Rome? While it will probably be a little cooler, the off-season there is November-March, so there won’t be as many random people in your photos of the Trevi Fountain and Colosseum.

bride and groom in blue suit at hawaiian destination wedding

Your preference is what matters above all else, but there are definitely something to keep in mind. Whatever date you pick, congrats on your engagement! And good luck as you embark on the wedding planning process! We promise we won’t ask you what your date is. Yet.

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