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2018 Wedding Trends: The Blue Suit


With wed­ding and prom sea­son just around the cor­ner, it’s time to start look­ing at for­mal wear options. Over the next few weeks (or months) you’ll like­ly find your­self in the fol­low­ing fash­ion dilem­mas: tra­di­tion­al or funky, tux or suit, notch lapel or shawl, black or blue, etc. But don’t wor­ry, we’re here to help. We have suits, tuxe­dos and acces­sories to fit just about any spe­cial occa­sion and style advice to make sure you’ll look great on the dance floor.

One of the hottest trends this sea­son are blue suits and tuxe­dos. Wear­ing a blue tuxe­do or a for­mal blue suit allows a guy to stand out in a sea of black, while still con­form­ing to the rules of for­mal dress. Blue has deep roots in men’s for­mal wear, dat­ing back to the mid-‘30s when mid­night blue was being pro­duced more than black. And now blue is back and bet­ter than ever! It was real­ly pop­u­lar this award sea­son, as Hollywood’s lead­ing men made fash­ion news at the Gold­en Globes and the Oscars by tak­ing blue to the red car­pet.


1. Choose your blue. There are plen­ty of shades of blue to choose from when it comes to menswear. A gen­er­al rule of thumb is to go dark­er for more for­mal events or fall and win­ter events and lighter for more casu­al events and spring and sum­mer sea­sons.

2. Mix it up. Mix a blue jack­et with tra­di­tion­al black pants for an edgi­er for­mal look or choose a dif­fer­ent shade of blue or gray for your vest. There’s plen­ty of options to go above and beyond for your look.

3. Keep it clas­sic. When mix­ing in col­or like blue to for­mal­wear, it’s wise to keep the oth­er com­po­nents of the look tra­di­tion­al – add a tie, cuf­flinks, and a vest to com­plete the look.

groom and groomsmen in blue suits


Gen­er­a­tion Tux has 21 styles of suits and tux­es to offer to help you find the per­fect look. And to keep up with the trends, our blue suits are some of our favorites.

Mys­tic Blue Notch Lapel Suit

Our Mys­tic Blue Tux pairs fresh col­or with tra­di­tion­al style in a strik­ing way. This new take on navy stands out in the crowd, pho­tographs beau­ti­ful­ly and the black faille lapel pip­ing ele­vates this tuxe­do from ordi­nary to amaz­ing in a slim­mer cut. Add in the Mys­tic blue vest for a clas­sic for­mal effect.

Bright Blue Notch Lapel Suit

Daz­zle the crowd with our Bright Blue Notch Lapel Suit — it’s a true show­stop­per. Its crepe tex­ture looks incred­i­ble in the light, has a very flat­ter­ing drape and will espe­cial­ly pop in pho­tos and across a crowd­ed room.

Mid­night Blue Peak Lapel Tux

Our Mid­night Blue Tuxe­do pro­vides a sol­id foun­da­tion for an infa­mous look. The lux­u­ri­ous, in-hand feel of its pre­mi­um fab­ric deliv­ers a nat­ur­al drape that’s flat­ter­ing in ways cheap­er wool can’t repli­cate. Its mys­tique comes from the deliv­ery of a rich­er, dark­er appear­ance under arti­fi­cial light because it absorbs more of the light spec­trum than black. It also absorbs quite a bit of atten­tion as this col­or is fea­tured con­sis­tent­ly on the red car­pet.

Navy Notch Lapel Suit

Our Navy Blue Notch Lapel Suit is appro­pri­ate for almost every kind of event and is incred­i­bly flex­i­ble when it comes to styling with shirts, ties, and acces­sories. In the day­time, the light brings out its casu­al blue side, but at night, it’s more for­mal, appear­ing almost black—a tran­si­tion­al qual­i­ty that every man can rely on to look great.

Mys­tic Blue Peak Lapel Suit

The sin­gle-but­ton, Mys­tic Blue Peak Lapel Suit presents a new take on the navy suit. This updat­ed hue gives it an effort­less­ly fresh and mod­ern feel­ing and looks great in pho­tographs. Add the match­ing vest for an unmatched dap­per look.

groom in blue suit
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