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Three Avoidable Groomsmen Suit Mishaps

The out­dat­ed adage, “boys will be boys,” while seri­ous­ly flawed, can also, in very spe­cif­ic cir­cum­stances, be accu­rate. With a wed­ding par­ty, there are usu­al­ly four to eight (maybe more) grooms­men. That’s four to eight chances for boys to be boys. Some­one will be lazy or for­get­ful or drink too much or have a com­plete lack of style. At least one of them may be the groom’s drink­ing bud­dy from col­lege. Enough said.

It’ll be up to the groom and any respon­si­ble grooms­men to keep the boys in check dur­ing the wed­ding. Remem­ber: on your wed­ding day, there are no do-overs. Every­thing has to be per­fect. Includ­ing, but not lim­it­ed to, the suits.

Avoid these fash­ion and wed­ding faux pas to ensure every­one arrives in one piece look­ing their best.

generation tux box on doorstep

1. Last-minute pickup

Wed­dings are crazy. Your grooms­men need to be pre­pared well in advance to han­dle the day-of like a pro. Here are a cou­ple of sce­nar­ios, one of which rep­re­sents a solu­tion that will con­sid­er­ably lessen the bride’s pre-wed­ding stress lev­el.

Option One

Two months before the wed­ding, you order your wed­ding par­ty out­fits from a rental shop. After a trip to the rental store for uncom­fort­able fit­tings, you’re pret­ty sure they got everyone’s sizes right and ordered all the pieces you need. The suits will be ready for pick-up the day before the wed­ding. Plen­ty of time. Right?

The day of the wed­ding rehearsal come and some of your grooms­men are run­ning late. They have to be there at 6:00 pm.  Heavy traf­fic means they’ll get there by 7:00 at the ear­li­est. The prob­lem is, they had to pick up their tux­es first, only to find the store already closed. It opens tomor­row at 10:00 am. Wed­ding day fes­tiv­i­ties start at noon.

They get to the store by 10:00 on day of the wed­ding and head back to get dressed.  That’s when the trou­ble begins. Every­one is pray­ing that every­thing goes smooth­ly because now there is no room for error. Someone’s pants are two inch­es too short.  Anoth­er is miss­ing his tie. You’re toast.

They race back to the shop. The sales­per­son gives them a tie they “think is close enough,” but there’s noth­ing they can do about the pants in the 20 min­utes you have. 

So you return, take pic­tures. The wed­ding is roman­tic, the bride beau­ti­ful, the recep­tion a blast. But someone’s pants are two inch­es too short and another’s tie is a shade dark­er than every­one else’s. It’s fine. It worked out. The bride hard­ly noticed.

Until she looks at her per­ma­nent wed­ding pho­tos a month lat­er and tears the groom (who was most­ly inno­cent) com­plete­ly to shreds.

groom in blue suit

Option Two

The bride and groom leave explic­it instruc­tions with your rental com­pa­ny. They know exact­ly what every­one needs, every piece of the ensem­ble and all the right col­ors. All the grooms­men have to do is order. No big deal. Easy as pie.

The guys send in their mea­sure­ments and a few months lat­er a box shows up on their doorsteps. They didn’t even real­ize they were com­ing today, two weeks before their best bud’s wed­ding.

They try every­thing on that day. All the suits and tux­es fit just right. Uh-oh, some­one finds out his pants are two inch­es short. Okay, regroup. The rental com­pa­ny says no big deal and sends you a new pair in a mat­ter of days.

The day of the wed­ding comes and every­one looks great.

If you chose option two as the bet­ter way to go, then you’re well on your way to look­ing great for this wed­ding. Get­ting your suit ear­ly is clear­ly your best bet; the way that best avoids dis­as­ter.

2. Wrong fit

Size mat­ters when it comes to suits. Too often if you get a suit from a depart­ment store or from a rental shop, you’ll end up with a stan­dard-sized suit that just doesn’t fit quite right. Maybe the chest of the jack­et is fine, but the sleeves cov­er your shirt cuffs. Or the waist of your pants is per­fect, but the inseam is too tight. What­ev­er the case may be, the best way to avoid the wrong fit is mak­ing sure you’re get­ting fit prop­er­ly by a trust­ed expert in menswear. Not sure the dif­fer­ence between a per­fect and hor­ri­ble fit? Here’s a guide to help you out.

Not just size, but the mate­r­i­al also mat­ters when it comes to the fit of a suit. Poly­ester blends might be cheap­er, but they don’t feel or fit as great as a 100% wool suit. Spend­ing those few extra bucks real­ly makes a dif­fer­ence. Going with wool is not only a great option for com­fort, but it also fits so much bet­ter. No bunchy suits will show up in the wed­ding pho­tos if we can help it.

groom and groomsmen in blue suits showing off socks

3. Someone is Clueless

It’s hard mak­ing sure every­one gets every instruc­tion exact­ly right. Espe­cial­ly when it’s not always as sim­ple as “one, two, three.” Col­ors and styles are up to the bride and groom, of course, but a lot can go wrong between the choos­ing of suits and the day of the wed­ding. You’d think that men were born know­ing how to wear a suit or tuxe­do, but you’d be wrong. It takes a lit­tle extra thought to pull it off to per­fec­tion. 

To make sure every­thing goes off with­out a hitch, Gen­er­a­tion Tux allows you to set the whole out­fit, tip to tail, so there’s no guess­work for your grooms­men. If they still need a lit­tle extra help, here’s a com­pre­hen­sive list of every suit and tuxe­do style tip you might need.

You also get full vis­i­bil­i­ty into the progress of your grooms­men’s orders with our event dash­board and sta­tus update emails. Real­ly, this is great prac­tice if you ever decide to become par­ents. Maybe there’s an app that lets you see if your kid’s brushed their teeth?

If style-savvy and com­plete­ly trust­wor­thy grooms­men aren’t an option, you want to make sure every­thing is as sim­ple as pos­si­ble. Leave no room for error. They can do this. Your wed­ding will be per­fect.

With Gen­er­a­tion Tux, the wed­ding par­ty will receive their out­fits two weeks pri­or to your event—no last minute pick­ups and try-ons. If any­thing doesn’t fit to your lik­ing, send it back with­in 48 hours of deliv­ery and we’ll make it right. We’ll guide every­one through the entire process from fit­ting to plac­ing their order. Plus, we’ll give you full vis­i­bil­i­ty into their process with our event dash­board. No more stress­ing about your grooms­men. We have you cov­ered. Get start­ed today by build­ing your look.

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