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Three Biggest Mistakes We See Grooms Make

The more details that go into a wed­ding, the more things that can go wrong. The flow­ers could be deliv­ered late, the bride’s name could be mis­spelled in the pro­gram, the cake could arrive with a miss­ing tier. You just nev­er know.

But it’s one thing for acci­dents to hap­pen at the fault of a third par­ty. It’s a whole oth­er ordeal when the groom mess­es up. The groom is the one per­son the bride can yell at with­out feel­ing guilty after­ward.

So to avoid that sense­less scream­ing, here are the three biggest mis­takes grooms make and how to avoid them.

engaged couple opening a generation tux black tuxedo

1. Waiting until the last minute

Plan­ning for this wed­ding has been going on for months. Your bride and her plan­ning cohort have worked tire­less­ly to ensure that every­thing goes off with­out a hitch. The worst pos­si­ble thing you could do is drop the ball on any of the few tasks she entrust­ed to you.

The day before and the day of the wed­ding have been care­ful­ly sched­uled there is absolute­ly no room for error. Espe­cial­ly with the suit. Between the rehearsal and the din­ner and grand­ma telling you about her doc­tor vis­its, there will not be time to wor­ry about some­thing that should have been tak­en care of already.

We have seen it all. Wrong sizes, wrong col­ors, even no gar­ments at all. Or you might go to pick up the suit the morn­ing of the wed­ding and find the shop closed. Think you’ve seen your fiance mad before? Think you’ve got­ten “the look” before? You haven’t. Noth­ing will com­pare to this wrath. This look will be pulled straight from the pits of hell.

Don’t be that guy. Order your suit or tux six months in advance and get it in your hands 14 days before your wed­ding.

groom and groomsmen in black tuxedos showing off socks

2. Not getting involved

Your bride may imply that your opin­ion doesn’t mat­ter or that you have no busi­ness mak­ing deci­sions for her wedding—I mean, your wed­ding. But trust us, refus­ing to get involved or at least pre­tend­ing to care what col­ors the brides­maids dress­es are or which font to use on the place cards is worse.

There are plen­ty of deci­sions that cou­ples can—and should—make togeth­er when it comes to their wed­ding. Here are three great top­ics to you can add your opin­ion to: Style, Hon­ey­moon, and Suits.

The style of your wed­ding isn’t just up to her. It needs to match you two as a cou­ple. And you are a great vaca­tion­er, offer her ideas that will blow her away. And suits? It’s you that has to wear it all day. Sure, she knows what look she wants to see in her pic­tures, but after cov­er­ing the basics, that’s some­thing you can total­ly take care of on your own. You are a strong, inde­pen­dent groom who don’t need no hand-hold­ing.

Get involved and be there for your bride. Bring her a glass of wine when she’s ready to pull her hair out. Tell her you can’t wait to mar­ry her. Be the guy she’s dreamed of mar­ry­ing since watch­ing Cin­derel­la as a kid.

bride and groom in navy suit

3. Cake in the bride’s face

Now, we’re not say­ing you can’t push cake into your bride’s face, we’re just say­ing you should con­sid­er the con­se­quences before mak­ing this bold move.

Yes, sure, we’re kid­ding just a lit­tle bit, but this advice applies to all deci­sions you make through­out the plan­ning process and day-of the event. Con­sid­er the con­se­quences care­ful­ly.

Any­thing that will ruin her make­up is gen­er­al­ly off lim­its. Pick­ing point­less argu­ments? She cries, make­up runs. Off lim­its. Too many lap dances from scant­i­ly-clad women at your bach­e­lor par­ty? She finds out, she cries, make­up runs. Off lim­its. Cake in the face? Icing is washed off along with the make­up she prob­a­bly paid quite a bit to have done. Off lim­its. This list goes on and on.

A few smart deci­sions on your part and your wed­ding will go swim­ming­ly, if no one else mess­es up, of course. But even if they do, it won’t be your fault and instead you can be the hero. Don’t be the guy that stands idly by while the world around your bride falls apart. Look­ing great and tak­ing care of busi­ness is what you’re here for, and it only takes a lit­tle bit of effort.

There are so many small details that go into cre­at­ing your dream wed­ding, but that does­n’t mean you should have to stress. Gen­er­a­tion Tux lets you sam­ple your cloth­ing before the big day, in the com­fort of your liv­ing room. See what we have to offer to make your union extra­or­di­nary.

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