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Tips for Creating the Perfect Seating Chart


We know how frustrating creating a seating chart can be, if you’re choosing to have one. By the end, you’ll be pulling out your hair and that will not be a good wedding look. In an effort to avoid that disaster, we’ve pooled together some of our best seating chart tips to help ease that stress just a little bit.

Use one of three things to indicate the seats of your guests

  1. Place cards – Cards with your guests’ names on them at their seat
  2. Escort cards – Cards with your guests’ names (either organized by table number or with the table number on the card) located at the entrance for your guests to pick up and take to their seat
  3. Seating chart – A list of tables and guest displayed at the entrance

Print out or draw a layout of your space

You can also do this on a computer, if you’d rather not have a physical version, but having a physical piece of paper (and sticky notes) allows you to move guests around with ease and see how the space is going to work.

Color Code

Previously, I just mentioned sticky notes. This is a great way to move around and keep track of the guests you’re trying to situate. Do different colors for the bride’s family, the groom’s family, and friends. You can also further break down friends however you see fit.

wedding guests toasting with cocktails

Avoid placing older guests near the dance floor

Older will more than likely spend more time at the table than your younger guests. You want to make sure your grandparents and other older guests are away from loud speakers and such a high traffic area like the dance floor.

Don’t separate friends too much

While you may want to mix up your guests to force them into meeting new people and talking, if you mix too much, your guests will just end up not having as much fun.

Have a children’s table

If you’re inviting a lot of children to your wedding, it could be a great idea to have a separate children’s table to relieve some of the stress on the parents of said parents.

Mix in the singles

If you have a singles’ table, there’s a chance these guests will feel a little like they were just leftovers stuck together. By mixing them in, there’s a better chance of them having a good time.

Don’t forget about your wedding party’s dates

It’s fine to have a table for just the wedding party, these are your closest friends, after all. However, you can’t forget about their dates. Placing them together or nearby is probably a good idea.

Overflow Space

There’s a pretty good chance someone who didn’t RSVP will show up or someone you didn’t expect to bring a date inevitably will. For instances like these, it’s a good idea to have a dedicated table or to leave an extra seat at a few tables. Either that or have a few lawn chairs stored in a closet (not recommended). Perhaps your overflow table can also be where your waitstaff and other vendors take their break to eat dinner—they need to be included too!

wedding reception black white and gold table decorations

However you choose to organize, we suggest trying not to stress too much about it. Thinking too hard will only add to your load. You have enough to worry about while wedding planning. At the end of the day, the most important thing is for you and your guests to have a great time. No one is going to remember where they sat if your food and music are top notch.

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