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Top 10 Things Groomsmen Get Wrong

How much do you real­ly trust those drink­ing bud­dies from col­lege? Your grooms­men might intend to have the groom’s inter­est at heart, but chances are some­thing is going to go wrong, whether you want it to or not. To help pre­pare for that inevitable mishap, here are the top 10 things that grooms­men get wrong on the day of the wed­ding. Best be pre­pared for the worst and have some con­tin­gency plans set in place, just in case.

1. Wing speech

Your best friend’s wed­ding is not the ide­al time to just wing it. Speech­es need to be thought out ahead of time and prac­ticed once or twice. Some peo­ple are great ora­tors and can make a spur of the moment speech one of the best you’ve ever heard, but most are not and the speech will end up sound­ing ram­bly and ridicu­lous. Best make sure every­one giv­ing a speech has a plan.

2. Party too hard

Yes, the wed­ding recep­tion is basi­cal­ly a big par­ty. But before that? Off lim­its to hard drink­ing. And even at the recep­tion, let’s save the tequi­la shots and shirt­less dance par­ties at least until Grand­ma goes home.

groom and groomsmen in blue suits toasting

3. Get the groom wasted

Anoth­er drink­ing no-no. Sure, the groom is going to be ner­vous the night before and the day of his wed­ding, but that doesn’t mean he’s allowed more than the “set­tling nerves” amount of alco­hol. This is a seri­ous moment and the bride’s not going to be too hap­py if the groom is sway­ing at the end of the aisle. Again, all bets are off after Grand­ma goes home and he’s paid the prop­er amount of atten­tion to his oth­er guests.

4. Go MIA

Duck­ing out at any point for longer than it takes to use the restroom is a no go. There’s a strict sched­ule we have to keep, peo­ple.

5. Show up late

Again, strict sched­ule. Maybe tell all your grooms­men to be there 30 min­utes ear­li­er than you actu­al­ly need them. Just to be sure.

6. Takeover dance floor

No one is say­ing not to have fun, and by all means, please swing a few brides­maids around, but there is a line that should­n’t be crossed. Spend­ing the entire night danc­ing on var­i­ous rel­a­tives of the bride is prob­a­bly not the best way to go.

groom and groomsmen in gray suits at photo booth at wedding reception

7. Dressed wrong

Some­thing will go wrong some­where. Prob­a­bly. Whether there was a mis­com­mu­ni­ca­tion or he picked the suit up late or what have you. Best prac­tices include mak­ing every­thing as trans­par­ent and hands-free as pos­si­ble.

8. Tell too many college stories

To Grand­ma, specif­i­cal­ly. Or any­one real­ly. These sto­ries do not have a place dur­ing any seri­ous moment or in con­ver­sa­tion that is not explic­it­ly between peo­ple the groom and/or bride went to col­lege with.

9. Have no clue

Some guys just real­ly don’t lis­ten. Like at all. They don’t know what they’re doing or when to do it. They need some seri­ous help and you may need to hire a babysit­ter.

10. Not taking pictures seriously

All the bride wants is her pic­tures to be per­fect. Some goofy pic­tures of the boys is great, expect­ed, even. But there has to be at least a few nice ones that they can look at for years to come and be sat­is­fied with the mem­o­ries of the day.

best man carrying groom

While you want to make sure every­one is hav­ing a good time, you also know that this is a very seri­ous event. Go over ground rules with every­one and if nec­es­sary, assign a respon­si­ble adult to babysit­ting duty.

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